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by jiatongma

Dec 07 2022

For a brand that has been the maestro of quality timekeeping since 1854, this should be more of a rhetorical question than a literal one. Timex watches enjoy a distinguished and prestigious reputation as one of the premier watchmaking companies around the world.

Timex watches were originally known as Waterbury Clock company back in 1854, adding American ingenuity to European clockmaking. Between the years 1901 to 1936, there were many miscellaneous developments for Timex watches, from pocket watches to strapped Mickey Mouse watches, all adding to Timex Watches’ popularity.

In 1950, Timex watches started the mass production of their V-CONIC series, which was the top-of-the-line wristwatch series by Timex watches which was a further stepping stone to their ever-growing success. So much so that by the end of the decade, every third watch sold was Timex. In 1958, Timex watches advertised their neigh-invulnerability and demonstrated their resilience.

Timex is the pioneer of creating sports watches, introducing the first sports watch in 1984. Similarly, Timex watches kept up with the tradition of innovation and brilliance with their INDIGLO Night light technology in 1992. This is the Timex watches’ signature blue backlight that has revolutionized the way the world reads time in the dark.

What does Timex have to offer?

Timex watches are the most diverse range of watches, catering to all ages and sexes. There are Timex watches for men, Timex watches for women (Timex ladies’ watches), and miscellaneous watches for kids as well. There are Timex gold watches, Timex digital watches, Timex viewpoint watches, and Timex leather watches, to name a few.

You can shop by watch type or watch collection within the section of Timex men’s watches. The former has chronograph, military, leather, automatic, stainless steel, digital, dress, casual, and diver-inspired watches. In comparison, watch collections include Classic, Navi, Waterbury, Command, Easy Reader, Expedition, Ironman, Essex, Harborside, and Milano.

The Timex women’s watches also have the same categorization; watch types and watch collections. The watch types include casual, dress, Rose Gold-tone, boyfriend, and digital watches. At the same time, the watch collections include Classic, Standard, Easy Reader, Full Bloom, and Waterbury.

There is a separate section for unisex Timex watches that features Timex gold watches, Timex digital watches, Timex viewpoint watches, and Timex leather watches. Apart from the core collection, Timex watches also have other collections such as Asheville, Celestial Opulence, Command, Essex Avenue, Fairfield, Northfield Post, and DGTL.

Use the Atome app to pay for Timex watches

Timex watches are pretty affordable, but you can pay for them through Atome to pay only one-third of their total price today, with the rest being split into two other easy monthly installments.

Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

Atome is currently headquartered in Singapore. The payment app is available in 8 markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Mainland China. Use the Atome app to pay and spread your purchases into 3 installments. The best part is that Atome doesn’t charge for its services! There are no taxes, service charges, or hidden charges; you simply pay for the product or service that you’re using. To find out how it works, click on the link.

Atome is a free app that is available on both iOS and Android. Get the app today and join the Atome family!

How to pay for Timex watches with the Atome app?

First, create an account on Atome, then use your Atome account at the checkout when paying through an online store, or simply scan the QR code when shopping through a physical store. The payment will be made, and a third of the total amount will be deducted, with the rest to be paid in the subsequent two months.

Introducing the Atome Card

Atome has recently also launched the Atome Card, exclusively available for Filipino shoppers. Atome Card is an amazing payment choice for individuals who find it difficult to apply for one through traditional banks due to tedious paperwork.

buy Timex watches with Atome Card

There is no minimum income required to apply and the Atome Card does not charge any annual fees or hidden charges. You can get up to PHP 200,000 credit limit and use it to buy now, pay up to 45 days later. The Atome Card is a Mastercard, which means it can be used to pay in all stores where a Mastercard is accepted, online, in-store, locally, or abroad—even at stores that don’t accept Atome as a mode of payment. Apply for Atome Card today on the Atome app, no paperwork is required. Want more information on how to use Atome Card for your daily shopping? Read more!

Apply for Atome Card
Apply for Atome Card

So, in a nutshell

Timex watches are one of the most resilient, charismatic, durable, and long-lasting watches that have been around for more than a century. Timex watches have been the harbinger of many innovative and creative ideas of the present-day watches that make our life easy and convenient. To make things better, you can get your favorite Timex watches through the Atome application or the Atome Card.

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