Atome Card Application: How to Apply for Atome Card

by atomeseo

Mar 01 2022

Since Atome Card’s release date in 2022, interest in the card has grown significantly. Atome is quickly becoming a go-to buy now pay later installment card solution for Filipinos nationwide. It’s excellent for your everyday expenses, taking advantage of the latest fashion hacks or enjoying world-class entertainment.

If you’re interested in finally having your own Atome Card this year, keep reading. This is the definitive guide on how to apply for your Atome Card. 

Before getting into the details of submitting your Atome Card application, it helps to understand the background of the Atome and learn a brief overview of its key features.

What is Atome Card?

Atome Card is a brand-new payment option that allows its users & customers to purchase goods or services from any online or offline store where Mastercard is an accepted mode of payment. Atome Cardholders also have the option to use the Atome virtual card to shop from online stores.

How to Apply for Atome Card

One of the benefits of Atome Card is that securing your own doesn’t require you to go through tons of paperwork to apply.

You can apply for your Atome Card through the Atome app anywhere you have a secure internet connection. Follow the steps below to send your Atome Card application within 90 seconds.

Pay in 3 or 6 months installment!

Pay in 3 or 6 months installment! Apply For Atome Card!
Pay in 3 or 6 months installment!
Apply For Atome Card!
  1. Download the latest version of the Atome app by scanning the QR code, or visiting the App Store or Play Store.
  2. Tap on Atome Card.
  3. Choose the Atome Card design and type you prefer. The virtual card will be available immediately once your account is approved; you can decide to order your physical card after if you want. 
  4. Fill out the details on your personal information, such as your full name, company, mother’s maiden name, and home and shipping address.
  5. Go through the Face ID verification using your smartphone’s selfie camera. Remember to remove your glasses, hat, or anything blocking your face to improve your chances of approval. 
  6. Wait 3 business days for your application to be approved. You can expect to receive an email or in-app notification once your application is approved.

3 Frequently Asked Questions about Atome Card

Finances are highly personal and there’s nothing wrong with asking clarifying questions. Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Atome Card.

1. What is the Atome Card spending limit?

The Atome Card limit is set when your card is approved. Your spending limit can increase in certain circumstances, such as paying your Atome Card bills on time. The spending limit can reach up to ₱200,000.  

A higher Atome Card spending limit translates to greater spending power, providing you access to products and services that would have otherwise been out of reach.

2. What are the requirements for Atome Card?

You must meet the criteria and provide the documentary requirements below to apply for your Atome Card:

  1. You must have any of the following valid Philippine IDs:
    1. National ID
    2. Social Security System (SSS)
    3. Unified Multi-purpose ID (UMID)
    4. Driver’s License
    5. Passport
  2. You must be 18 years old or above
  3. You have the Atome app on your smartphone

To check the status of your application, you will need to tap on the Card Page in the Atome app. Additionally, you can expect to receive an SMS or email when your Atome Card application has been accepted.

3. What’s the difference between a physical and virtual Atome card?

While there’s no substantial difference between a physical and virtual Atome Card, there are certain unique perks and features each offers: 

Atome Virtual Card

Your virtual Atome Card will be available as soon as your application process is approved. You can use it to begin making online payments anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

Atome Physical Card

To unlock even more convenience, you can apply for a physical Atome Card. Once you receive it, you’ll need to activate it and nominate your 4-digit PIN for your new physical Atome Card. You can begin using your physical card to pay online and offline merchants that accept Mastercard

Start Enjoying the Perks of Atome Card Today

Your Atome Card unlocks numerous spending opportunities that allow you to shop anywhere with ease. Its flexible payments and zero interest for 40 days mean that your greatest aspirations are now well within your reach. 

Scan the QR code to download the Atome app on your smartphone and get started on your Atome Card application today!

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