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by jiatongma

Jul 29 2022

Customers look for sunglasses to avoid the glaring sunlight that can irritate the eyes. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can also lead to various optical ailments, which can be detrimental to one’s vision. Therefore, a vogue pair of sunglasses is a must for everybody directly exposed to sunlight. Sunnies Studios offers practical solutions to optical problems.

While limited options ensure effective sunglasses and fashionable designs, Sunnies Studios can promise both elements. Sunnies Studios Philippines offers sunglasses and eyewear on prescription. They are practical solutions to your problems and promise an exuberant appearance.

Why are sunglasses so important?

Sunglasses are mostly viewed as fashion accessories. With this perception, their actual serving is undermined. Human eyes are sensitive body parts that require extensive care. Sunglasses prevent direct exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun that can cause cataracts. Direct exposure to sunlight can lead to optical problems. Sunglasses also avoid exposure to “blue light” from the solar spectrum. This blue light can be detrimental to one’s vision and cause macular degeneration. Sunglasses can also present a solution to glare which can be off-putting when you are spending time in the water.

Sunglasses are used during recovery from eye diseases. They can serve as barriers to dust, sand, or other environmental pollutants that can hamper the recovery progress of your eye. Sunglasses are great for drivers and are used mainly by drivers because they ensure enhanced visibility. They keep you from squinting, which is often the case without sunglasses. Squinting constantly can lead to migraines and headaches. Therefore, sunglasses are not only great fashionstatements but can prevent numerous health hazards.

What should you look for in your Sunglasses?

Picking sunglasses can be daunting, especially if you’re one shopping primarily by appearances. But if you want to pick the most suitable sunglasses, tick the following boxes:

● Check the UV protection of the sunglasses because it will prevent you from ailments

● Make sure that the UV protection is 400

● If you’re one for beaches, consider polarised sunglasses

● Pick sunglasses fitted to your face shape

● Pick sunglasses that are durable and qualitatively superior

Don’t fall into the trap of mere appearances because the suggestions listed above are the ultimate criteria for beneficial sunglasses.

Sunnies Studios and their amazing offerings

Sunnies Studios Philippines promises joyful shopping experiences. It offers brilliant sunglasses for men and women. The sunglasses are long-lasting, fashionable, and practical, all at the same time. Some of the best offerings of Sunnies Studios include:


Sunglasses coming in classic pilot styles have always been appealing. It is a Sunnies Studios anti-radiation glasses. The edition is a modified version of the traditional pilot style. The shape is tempered by incorporating a squarish round shape. The shape is the core attraction of this edition which couples class with modern trends to complete a well-rounded look. 


This edition has enjoyed immense popularity because of its stylish outlook and guaranteed protection from UVA and UVB rays. It’s an everyday frame that can be worn on different occasions. The Basil shade makes it a modernized option. The square shape and the lightweight structure add to the frame’s appeal. It consists of a wide frame that promises the perfect fitting. Made up of polycarbonate, this edition is one of its kind.


This article is not your run-of-the-mill sunglasses. Coming with transparent glass, the article is distinct in its own right. The glass used is qualitatively brilliant, ensuring protection from UVA and UVB radiation. The glass offers UV420 sun protection making it a very safe choice promising complete protection from any potential visionary diseases caused by direct exposure to sunlight. The frame is certified by Intertek. While it makes up for all the safety features, it doesn’t lag in the style department either. With a squarish shape, you can rock with these sunglasses on. It boasts a shiny finish and medium size, making it a trendy option for all your outings. Moreover, the frame is crafted from recycled polyester because of the wavering dedication of Sunnies Studios to ensuring a safe environment in which you can play a part.


The Griffin edition is a unique experience because it offers numerous special characteristics that are hard to find in other frames. With an ink shade, the glasses and the overall look of the frame are as trendy as they can get. It’s an all-out style statement because of its brilliant outlook. The frame is made up of polycarbonate. The shape is widened, which has been in fashion. It is also a unique characteristic of the frame. While some frames can get ugly when widened, this Griffin’s edition’s appeal is amplified. Style is not the only benefit of this frame, as it promises protection from direct exposure to sunlight.

About Sunnies Studios

Sunnies Studios Philippines was founded in 2013. The brand started with sunglasses but later expanded to optical. However, it has now turned into a one-stop shop for all eyewear. The brand is committed to offering eyewear that meets modern fashion trends but prioritizes the eye safety of the customer. There has been a shining emphasis on the moderation of prices to ensure the accessibility to products at Sunnies Studios. Look at their products to find out about their features and attractive bits.

Sunnie Studios in Collaboration with Atome

Sunnies Studios has collaborated with Atome in an undertaking that will highly benefit the customers. The collaboration ensures that the customers can divide their purchases into three equal payments while buying from Sunnies Studios and using Atome as their payment method. There is no interest in dividing your purchase into three payments. Moreover, the customers will be awarded different discount vouchers by making payments through Atome.

About Atome

Atome is a buy now pay later platform, headquartered in Singapore. Atome has expanded significantly and now has more than 10,000 merchants. Atome has partnered with various brands to give customers purchasing from those merchants an opportunity to divide their purchases into three payments. Visit Atome to know more about their offerings. Sign up with their app to get the signup voucher.

Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

How to make payments for your purchase from Sunnies Studios through Atome?

Follow the given steps to make your payment:

  1. Choose Atome as your payment method on the checkout menu
  2. Enter your login credentials on the following page
  3. Make an account if you don’t already have one
  4. Complete your payment

If you’re looking to avoid direct exposure to sunlight due to various problems that can arise while upholding your fashion trends, make sure to explore Sunnies Studios and make the payment of your purchase through Atome.

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