Strokes Beauty: A Beginner’s Guide to Drawing Perfect Eyebrows

by jiatongma

Jul 01 2022

Strokes eye beauty studio is a leading brand for brow beauty in the Philippines. Introduced in 2020, Strokes Beauty Lab launched the first and only eye beauty studio that transformed beauty norms across the country.

Everyone loves the clean and snatched look of nicely-drawn eyebrows. However, eyebrow drawing is an art that takes time and practice to master. While everyone cannot be an expert, there are certain tricks and tips on how to draw eyebrows that can help you get the look with the right products at home.

Here is a guide on how to draw eyebrows step by step.

  • Clean extra hair from your eyebrows

You can draw a proper shape for your brows, but what about the extra hair surrounding the area you want to use as a canvas? That’s why once you have decided on a suitable eyebrow shape based on your features, pluck out extra hair that lies outside your preferred shape. You can use a tweezer to remove unwanted hair, but be careful not to overdo it and thin out your fluffy brows.

  • Prepare your brow arsenal

Drawing your eyebrows without the right brow products will only lead to a messy and sloppy outcome. Here are some essential brow products you will need to draw the perfect shape.

  1. Spoolie
  2. Eyebrow pomade/ eyebrow pencil
  3. Eyebrow gel
  4. Eyebrow powder/ translucent powder
  5. Concealer

A common mistake most women make with brow products is using the incorrect shade of pomade or pencil. You should avoid using the same or darker shade as your natural hair color. Instead, opt for a lighter shade for the most natural finish. For example, if you have black eyebrows, you can use dark brown, dark grey, charcoal, or ash grey instead of black to fill in your brows.

  • Mark the shape of your eyebrows

Marking your eyebrows is crucial, and you should be clear about what shape you want before you begin. Begin by drawing the starting point, arch height, and ending point of your brows. A simple trick to identify the starting point is to place the eyebrow pencil at the side of the nose and make a dot at the spot where it touches the brow.

Next, align the brow pencil with the outside of your pupil and mark the spot for the arch. Finally, line the pencil up with the eye’s outer corner and mark where the eyebrows should end. Now join all the dots to reveal a perfect shape. If you aren’t happy with the result at this point, you can increase or decrease its thickness before you start filling. Also, now is an excellent time to tweeze out the extra hair.

  • Start filling your brows

You can use a spoolie to push the hair upwards and trim extra lengths that exceed the line you have drawn at the top. Once you have brushed all your hair upwards, you should be able to see clearly the areas that need filling. Start filling your eyebrows with flicking strokes in the same direction as your hair, ensuring you cover all the sparse areas. You can use an eyebrow pencil, pomade, or powder to create natural strokes.

  • Set your brows

If you don’t want your eyebrows to mess up during the day, you should set them properly to increase the wear-time of the products used. You can use an eyebrow gel to set the direction of your eyebrow hair. An eyebrow or translucent powder can also be used to set the cream products—dust off any extra powder at the end.

  • Highlight your shape

As the final step, you can apply concealer to the outline of your brows to achieve a clean and snatched look. You can also use a highlighting pencil on the arch of the brows for added definition.

If you follow the eyebrow drawing easy steps highlighted above, you can achieve the perfect eyebrow look with minimum hassle. As discussed earlier, the drawing of eyes and eyebrows would be impossible without the right set of eyebrow products. Therefore, here is an introduction to the ultimate brow products you should invest in.

Strokes Eye Beauty Products

Strokes Beauty Lab brings solutions that inspire confidence and make you look and feel beautiful. Their products are easy to use and made from the best ingredients. Strokes’ brow products are the result of intensive research and Momoi’s artistry, so if you want to achieve perfectly snatched brows, Strokes is your best bet.

Have a look at the options you can find at Strokes.

  • Microblade pen perfector

Available in two shades: Graphite and Bronzite, this product is the hero of The Brow Artist Collection. The revolutionary product combines an ultra-fine brush tip with a bleed-proof and long-wearing formula that keeps your brows looking good throughout the day. The fine tip allows you to create thin hair-like strokes that deliver microblade-worthy results without the blade.

  • Brow painter

Another favorite from the collection, this brow product lets you fill in and define natural-looking brows with a water-resistance, smudge-proof, and long-wearing formula. What makes this a must-have is the translucent and sheer finish it provides, perfect for beginners who would rather keep a light hand when drawing their brows.

  • Brow colorist

Available in three shades: Neutral brown, Coal black, and lucid white, this tinting pomade instantly adds volume and builds intense color on the go. The unique dual-sided brush can create different intensities, allowing you to experiment with your looks. The formula is fade-proof and clump-proof, so you don’t need to touch it up throughout the day.

  • Brow sculptor duo

A microfine brow pencil that combines all the benefits of powder, pencil, and wax to define and fill brows effortlessly. The brow sculptor comes in 4 shades: soft brown, warm brown, deep brown, and ash grey. It has a 1.4mm tip on one end and a spoolie brush on the other so you can enjoy complete control and achieve naturally defined brows.

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Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

How to pay with Atome at Strokes Eye Beauty Studio

  1. Select Atome as your payment partner when checking out of Strokes Eye Beauty Studio.
  2. Enter your unique user details and continue to check out.
  3. Pay one-third of your Strokes bill and defer the remaining payment.

Shop at Strokes Eye Beauty Studio to get the perfect look

Strokes Eye Beauty Studio has all the products you need to achieve perfectly snatched eyebrows. Whether you like to spend your sweet time drawing your eyebrows with a pomade followed by powder and concealer, or you prefer products you can use on the go, like Strokes Brow Sculptor Duo, there’s an ideal match for everyone.

Shop at Strokes Eye Beauty Studio with Atome to enjoy flexible monthly payments without service fees or interest charges.

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