Introduce Yourself in The Unique Perfume of ART OF SCENT

by jiatongma

Aug 18 2022

A great fragrance contributes significantly to the impression you have on people. It also plays a pertinent role in enhancing your personality. So, if you don’t already have a signature scent, I suggest you start looking for one. And truth be told, there is no better place to start than ART OF SCENT Philippines.

Whether you have a newfound interest in perfumes or have been a collector for some time, this luxurious boutique deserves your attention. The exclusive brand not only has a vast collection of incredible scents it also offers an opulent ambiance that takes the entire experience to another level. Walking into an ART OF SCENT store will permanently alter your perception of what perfume hunting is supposed to be like. 

The fragrance boutique is home to extremely coveted and hard-to-find perfume brands from all across the world. If there is a rare fragrance, you need this where it’s at. Some of the most popular brands among the masses are: Valentino, Prada, Roja Parfums, Thameen London, Parfums de Marly Paris, and Initio Parfums Privés. That’s not all; this luxury brand also offers mesmerizing aromas to enliven your homes and one-of-a-kind skincare products by Filorga.

About the brand

The glorious vision of ART OF SCENT came to life in 2010 with the inauguration of a lavish boutique in Manila. The brand was an instant hit amongst the fragrance enthusiasts of the Philippines, understandably so. The fundamentals of this brand are three-fold: Luxury Retail, Scent Education, and Customer-centered Shopping Experience. It is because of such thoughtful practices and attention to detail that the brand has managed to garner immense popularity within the decade.

The ABCs of perfume shopping 

If you have been perfume shopping, you will relate to the fact that with an abundance of options comes plenty of confusion. To simplify the process a bit, we have put together a list of factors one must consider before investing in a perfume.

Know your fragrance

To be able to select a good perfume, it is vital to have knowledge of the fragrance families and how each one complements the rest. 


These are warm scents that remind you of forests and wood. They have a crisp, rich, and earthy smell to them. Some famous examples would be Gentleman by Givenchy and Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford.


All the warm and spicy fragrances come from this family, and they make for an ideal choice during chilly weather. Coco Chanel and Opium by YSL are great perfumes from this category.


These breezy scents take you back to the beach every time. Clean odors are liked by most because of how easy they are to pull off. Pear Inc. by Juliet Has A Gun and Orange Blossom Cologne by Jo Malone London are incredible perfumes from this family. 


These perfumes make you smell like an exquisite bouquet. A floral aroma can feature the scent of single or multiple flowers. Bloom by Gucci and Voce Viva by Valentino make for great examples. 

What is fragrance: Notes and Accords

Notes refer to the ingredients used in making a perfume. For instance, This perfume has a note of Sandalwood. 

Accords are when different notes are blended together to create a new note, e.g., leather and amber. 

Based on the fragrance pyramid, each perfume has Top, Middle, and Base notes that unveil themselves one by one after the application. The first notes you sense are the top notes, followed by the Middle notes, then the Base notes. 

The right way to apply perfumes

  • A few strategic spots amplify the scent, such as the neck, chest, wrists, and behind the ears. So try and stick to those areas. 
  • Avoid using perfume on your clothes as the stains might be impossible to get out. 
  • Do not go overboard in the hopes of making the scent last the entire day. Too much perfume will only get you the wrong kind of attention. Moreover, you can always reapply it throughout the day. 

Best Sellers at ART OF SCENT


This perfume belongs to the Ambery Fresh family and is an enticing blend of Natural Vanilla and Sea Salt. The light fragrance is designed to lift your spirit with its refreshing notes. 

Top notes: Fleur de sel (Sea Salt)

Middle notes: Orchid Absolute, Natural Vanilla Absolute

Base notes: Brown Musk, Tonka Bean, Benzoin Absolute, Sandalwood Absolute


This exquisite perfume envelopes you in a rich floral scent like that of a tropical garden. It is perfect for anyone who prefers hints of gourmand or leans towards engulfing fragrances. 

Top notes: Rose Damascene, Lily of the Valley, Gardenia, Jasmine

Middle notes: Vanilla, Amber, Caramel, Myrrh, Ylang Ylang

Base notes: White Musk, Amber, Poudre 


This intoxicating perfume will remind you of vibrant colors, blue skies, and felicity. It is a perfectly balanced concoction of the sweetest fruits in Nature that will have you going back for more.

Top Notes: Blackberries, Mango, Black Pepper

Middle Notes: Wild Orris, Black Lotus, Jasmin

Base Notes: Patchouli, Vanilla, Pink Sugar


A sophisticated and lighthearted scent that has been packaged in a gorgeous bottle. A spritz or two, and you will smell like warm caramel and sweet vanilla all day long.

Top Note: Caramel

Middle Notes: Musk and Powdery

Base Notes: Benzoin and Vanilla

ART OF SCENT branches

  • Resorts World Manila
  • Shangri-La Plaza

Level 2 East Wing, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, EDSA Corner Shaw Boulevard, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, NCR, 1550


The benefits of choosing ART OF SCENT are two-fold: you get access to the most sought-after fragrances and pay with Atome!

Atome aims to make high-end consumer goods and services accessible to everyone. It enables you to pay for your purchases in three convenient payments. Moreover, the application charges no interest or additional fee.

Apart from ART OF SCENT, Atome is affiliated with over 10,000 overseas and local brands, which means that you can use it to shop for almost anything. Not just that, most brands have incredible promotional deals and vouchers available for Atome shoppers. 

Download the application (get it here) and sign up on it to get started. The process is simple and free of cost. Signing up also gets you a discount voucher worth ₱200 which can be availed on a minimum bill of ₱500. Isn’t that great?

Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

Head to your nearest ART OF SCENT boutique and stock up on your favorite luxury perfumes!

How to pay with Atome?

  • Select Atome as the method of payment.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Enter the total amount of the bill.
  • Apply the available voucher code.
  • Have a look at the payment schedule.
  • Make the first payment upfront. 
  • The subsequent two payments are automatically charged to the linked credit or debit card. 

End Note

A signature fragrance is synonymous with elegance and good taste, so it is not something you would want to take lightly. Finding your go-to scent might take some time, but the process doesn’t have to be an arduous one, especially if you do it through ART OF SCENT. The brand enhances the entire experience, making you enjoy the process.

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