Spyder Helmet Philippines – Safety with Style

by jiatongma

Dec 16 2022

Whether you are a professional motorcycle racer or a biking enthusiast, you must have a helmet. Undoubtedly, only a few activities are as adventurous as riding a motorcycle. But with that adventure comes danger. This article discusses the nuances of buying the perfect helmet featured by the Spyder helmet and the best one you can get in the Philippines.

While searching for the best helmet, you need to remember several things, from its safety rating to the fit and comfort of the helmet. With so many options in the market, buying a motorcycle or bike helmet can seem intimidating. But one company makes motorcycle and bike helmets that check all the boxes. And it is Spyder helmet Philippines! Keep reading to find out why Spyder helmets are the best bike and motorcycle helmets you can get in the Philippines!

Five things to keep in mind when buying a helmet

The world of motorcycle helmets is full of options, and there are many things to consider, from the safety standards to the helmet’s price, not to mention the fit and style. After all, what is an adventure if not experienced in style? Here are five things that you need to consider when buying a helmet.

  1. Safety

The first thing to keep in mind, and the primary reason you should get a helmet, is safety. Motorcycle helmets come with various safety standards and ratings specific to your region. In the Philippines, look for helmets that are DOT and ECE Standard certified.

ECE Standard-certified helmets are at the pinnacle of the safety rating and are the go-to helmets for professional motorcycle racers competing in world championships and even the ultimate sport of Moto GP. There is also the SNELL rating, but that is more specific to racing and is found in the helmets on the higher end of the spectrum.

  1. Fit

The safety and fit of the helmet go hand in hand. If your helmet does not fit you perfectly, then even the helmet with the highest safety rating will prove useless in the case of an unfortunate accident. A European study has shown that the helmet comes off on impact in 12% of motorcycle accidents!

The helmet should neither be too tight nor too loose. While a loose helmet may come off easily during an impact, a tight-fitting helmet gives you headaches that will steal the joy of riding the motorcycle. Generally, the best-fitting helmets do not move against your skin, nor should they rotate.

  1. Extra features

While the safety and fit of the helmet are the most important, the next thing to look for while buying a helmet is some added features, like ventilation. In the Philippines, especially in Manila, where it gets quite hot while stuck in traffic, it becomes essential to look for helmets that come with vents for air to pass through them, keeping your head cool. Other features like rapid-release buckles for fastening and unfastening the helmet rapidly also comes in handy.

  1. Style

While you are riding your bike, your face is the helmet. So why not ride in style? If a helmet checks all the safety boxes, choosing a style that fits your face and character is the way to go. Some helmets come with stylish designs, graphics, and colours. With the right style of helmet, you are bound to grab the attention while riding your bike on the streets!

  1. Price

Getting a helmet that has the best safety features can be quite costly. But don’t let the price make you compromise on safety. It’s an investment in your life, and you are invaluable. Finding the best helmet at a reasonable price may be a hassle, but no more! Spyder helmet offers the safest and coolest helmets at a very reasonable price in the Philippines.

The best helmet in the Philippines – Spyder helmet

Spyder is a company that strives to make safety more accessible to people. Their vision is to fuel the enjoyment of the outdoors through innovation, precision design, and high-quality gear.

Spider motorcycle helmets are known for their high safety rating and functional and stylish designs at the best prices in the Philippines. And as safety does not depend upon gender, the Spyder helmet for women is one of the best you can find in the market. If you are a biking enthusiast, then the Spyder bike helmet will be the best investment you can make into your hobby.

Features of Spyder helmet

Here are some reasons why Spyder helmets do it better than everyone else.

  1. High safety standard: Spyder motorcycle helmets are DOT and ECE-certified, meaning that professional motorcycle racers can use them. They also have a dual-density EPS liner which absorbs most of the energy in case of a crash.
  2. Cooling aero vents: Spyder helmets come with vents that are positioned strategically to dissipate the heat and moisture from the inner liner, keeping your head cool and calm. No more do you have to compromise on comfort while wearing the Spyder motorcycle helmet.
  3. Shatterproof and scratch-resistant visor: Their polycarbonate lenses offer up to 10 times more impact resistance than a traditional plastic lens and offer 100% UV protection.
  4. Retention system: They come equipped with rapid-release buckles that can be fastened and unfastened quickly, eliminating the need to re-adjust the strap every time you put it on.

The list of Spyder helmet features is not exhaustive. Check out the Spyder helmet Philippines website to learn more.

Types of Spyder helmets

Spyder helmets offer several types that you can choose from. Different designs, like the Spyder helmet in blue, are iconic. Here we describe some of the types of Spyder helmets briefly!

  1. Spyder full-face helmets

It is the safest type of Spyder motorcycle helmet! As the name suggests, it covers the entire head and face of the rider and guards the chin and jaw, offering maximum protection. Check out the Spyder Phoenix helmet or the Spyder carbon fiber helmet.

  1. Spyder half-face helmets

They are lightweight and cover only the head, forehead, and ears, and are ideal for riders who love to feel the air against their face while riding.

  1. Spyder modular helmets

They offer the best of both, the full-face and half-face helmets. They have a hinge mechanism for the chin guard. The chin guard and visor can be flipped up, making the helmet half-faced.

Spyder helmet price

Spyder makes several types of helmets, for all purposes, like the Spyder full-face helmet, Spyder bike helmet, Spyder carbon fiber helmet, or the popular Spyder Phoenix helmet, all of which come at different reasonable price points. Check out their website to find the Spyder helmet price.

Where to buy Spyder helmet

You can buy Spyder helmets in the Philippines through their official website or several outlets. Their products are available via their Spyder inline stores, SM department stores, and authorized moto and bike dealers across the country. Visit the store locator page on the Spyder Team website to find the stores closest to you!

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Spyder Teams is known for making highly durable and stylish helmets. They offer the top safety features in cool designs, like the iconic Spyder helmet in blue. With the Atome app and card, getting Spyder helmets is easier than ever. Check out their website today to get yours!

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