Here’s How to Score A Date This Valentine’s Day

by jiatongma

Feb 27 2023

February is the month when cool breezes warm up with our noble sensations. Strong emotions manifest all around us to celebrate love, the most sacred human sentiment. We all like to sense and share these intimate feelings and make our special times and festivities memorable for years to come.

So, do you have your plans ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner? Or are you still looking for your significant one? Well, refrain from the fret or feeling left out because we have compiled a list of impressive ideas for you to try during this year’s love season.

As Patience Strong puts it: “In February, there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret.” So, believe in yourself and keep your spirits high while you go through our ideas for a special Valentine’s date this year.

Explore new places to meet people

Staying in your same, usual circle of friends will not help much with your lonely situation. You all probably know each other too well and have decided that it’s best that you don’t get into a relationship other than your current friendship. Well, that’s fair enough, but what’s next? Will your life remain stagnant because you are not making new friends that could become your Valentine, or will you do something about it?

A simple idea to meet your potential lover is to change your environment. Try hanging out in new places, and expose yourself to opportunities of meeting new people. Locate new pubs and restaurants in your town through your maps app, and choose them for your outings. Or change the route of your morning walk to see who you might bump into. Spend time in a new area and open conversations with new people, and you will surely find a match!

Ask friends to introduce you

Our first piece of advice might only work well for you if you are open and feel confident talking to strangers. But if you are shy, then try seeking your friends’ help. Ask them to take you out with them to parties and socialize with their friends. You will feel much more confident knowing that these mutual friends are trustworthy individuals and have sweet personalities, just like your close friends. You may have similar personalities, interests, and life approaches, making it easier for you to make the next move.

After meeting with mutual friends and choosing the perfect one, try connecting with them alone. You may chat, talk on the phone, or even have casual meetings. This will allow you two some room to consider each other closely. Next is easy; ask them out, give them Valentine’s day presents, and make new connections blossom into worthy relationships.

Rehearse conversations beforehand

It is common to feel nervous around new people or on special occasions. We generally get a dry mouth or mumble out inaudible words when we need to perform our best. The good news is this condition has a very simple remedy. First, you have to plan ahead for your evening. You can imagine the scenario in your head and think of all the interesting topics you may talk about with your partner. Now, write down every possible conversation, and practice it out loud in front of a mirror. You may also record yourself on your phone and assess your performance to enhance it.

This method always works and helps greatly in breaking the ice on first dates. So, next time you plan to meet your partner, be easy on yourself and be relaxed, and remember to take long and deep breaths whenever you feel butterflies in your stomach.

Step out of your comfort zone

Those who find themselves lonely on Valentine’s Day are usually introverts who don’t dare try out new things life offers them. Others refrain from making new friends simply because they have trust issues, mainly due to a previous experience that could have gone better. If you long to have someone close in your life, you will have to make an effort on your behalf. You have to remember that life doesn’t wait for anybody and goes on. So it would be best if you availed the opportunities that come your way.

You will have to open the gates to your heart and find the right one for you through your kindness. Try making the first move by sending Valentine’s day flowers or greetings to a neighbor that you fancy. Or, try dating sites to decide who will be your Valentine, in case you want to avoid conventional dating methods.

Try online dating

Online dating apps such as Facebook dating and various free dating sites became popular during the Pandemic. They served as connectors to potential partners when it was impossible to go out and mix with the public. These online relations helped many users to keep their sanity intact by feeling loved during those hard times. When the Pandemic was over, and things went back to normal, online dating continued to bind genuinely loving hearts around the globe.

Online dating sites allow members to pair with others based on their profiles. You can see glimpses of their personalities and learn about their hobbies and interests. You can easily choose a partner that you feel is suitable based on their characteristics. Then, you can start chatting and video-calling each other, and it is up to you two when and where you would like to meet. Your relationship can go slow or go fast, and it can be a lifelong one too. These sites can be fun, as you can use them to surprise your soulmate with in-app gifts or even send them Valentine’s day flowers delivered to their address.

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