What is Buy Now, Pay Later with Atome Card? 

by atomeseo

Mar 31 2022

Financial experts are forecasting that the buy now, pay later market in the Philippines is set to climb to $3.87 billion by 2029. What does that mean for you and your fellow shoppers? 

For one, it solidifies that buy now, pay later is here to stay. For another, it means that the industry is set to grow dramatically. If you’ve seen buy now, pay later more often, it’s the best time to learn more about it to take advantage of this financial instrument. 

Whether you’re new to the concept of buy now, pay later, or just need a refresher, this article is for you. You won’t only learn the basics of this increasingly popular concept, but also discover what makes Atome, a leading buy now, pay later service in Southeast Asia with its Atome Card, such an effective brand.

What is Buy Now, Pay Later?

Buy now, pay later allows you to spend for something, whether it’s the latest fashion trend or an everyday expense, and repay it in small installments over time. 

The benefits of buy now, pay later apps

Imagine that you have a pair of shoes that you wear often to work. You’re constantly using them to walk from the office to the station as part of your commute to and from the office. But suppose one day they break because of the heavy wear; the sole begins to flap and make your shoe look like a nasty alligator. 

With payday still being a few days away, how can you pay for repairs or new shoes so suddenly? This is where buy now, pay later services can be a lifesaver. It empowers you with the finances you need when you need them to live comfortably.

What is Atome?

Atome is a leader in buy now, pay later services in Southeast Asia. With the Atome Card, you can split your bill into 3 or 6-month easy installments. This feature reduces the hassle of lacking finances while also making it easier to make repayments a breeze. 

How Pay Later Anywhere Works for Atome Card 

Atome Card has the advantage of giving you a spending limit that you can use for online, offline, and overseas purchases. Its pay later anywhere feature is excellent for turning intimidating repayments into manageable installments. 

Here’s how pay later anywhere works for Atome Card: 

Sign up

You can’t enjoy Atome Card’s pay later anywhere feature without first going through the Atome Card application process. Fortunately, it won’t take much of your time; you can expect to finish your application in just about 90 seconds! 

Receive your card

A virtual Atome Card becomes immediately accessible to you once you’ve signed up and gotten approved for your account. You also have the option to receive your physical card completely for free. 

Shop wherever you want

Why get a physical Atome Card? It allows you to take full advantage of the different ways to make payments with your Atome Card, such as tap-to-pay or buying items in-store. This isn’t to say that you should favor the physical card over your virtual one; each has its strengths. 

The virtual card, for instance, is ideal for your online shopping needs. Since it has entirely different details from your physical card, you can rest assured that your Atome account has an added layer of protection against potential scammers and hackers. 

Receive your bill 

Every purchase you make—whether it’s online, offline, or overseas—will get added to your Atome Card bill. This is where the “pay later” portion of buy now, pay later begins to take effect. 

It’s important to note when your Atome Card billing cycle takes place to avoid missing your due dates. 

Pay in 3 or 6-month installments

While other types of cards may require you to make a specific payment or pay it in full during the billing period, Atome Card has a unique approach. 

Instead of these conventional repayment methods, you have the choice to split your bill payments into 3 or 6-month installments. 

This freedom to choose allows you to be more financially flexible with your repayments. If you want your repayment terms to be more manageable, you can take the initiative to choose a 6-month installment plan for a smaller required payment. But if it’s within your budget, you can always choose the 3-month or pay-in-full option in the app.

No More Waiting to Get What You Want

Buy now, pay later revolutionizes how you think about your spending capabilities.

Atome’s buy now, pay later option through the Atome Card allows you to split your card bill into 3 or 6 monthly installments. This makes expenses that seem out of reach for you far more manageable. It’s no wonder why the market is set for outstanding growth in the coming years.

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