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by Starry

Apr 11 2022

In today’s ultra-fast digital age, when most things we can do have been made accessible to the point where we need only tap our phone screens a few times, a payment gateway is a necessary addition to streamline our day-to-day life. Look for the best payment gateway for your daily shopping? You’re on the right page!

Be it purchasing your best fashion apparel, owning the coolest gadget, buying your new traveling gear for that hiking trip you’ve been meaning to take for ages, or getting the cutest onesie for your newborn, you absolutely need a payment gateway to make your shopping experience entertaining and easy on the pockets.

Atome is a state-of-the-art shopping brand that offers you its services through an exciting and exquisitely simple-to-use app, revolutionizing the process of making payments when shopping in many of the world’s top brands.

If you’re in the Philippines and looking for a payment gateway to make your life easier, you’re in luck! Atome is the new and most trending payment gateway Philippines!

What is a payment gateway?

Before we get to the exciting part (and rest assured, we have some mind-blowing surprises for you), let’s get you up to speed with some e-commerce lingo so you don’t end up scratching your head in confusion as you read through this article and ultimately succumb to searching for ‘payment gateway meaning‘ on google.

A payment gateway is a service provided by e-commerce brands that process your payments, direct or through credit cards, for various types of business. Nowadays, payment gateways are used everywhere; whether you’re shopping at a store on the corner of your street or splurging at Charles and Keith on their online store.

Gateways make it easier for businesses to handle their customers’ payments and simplify the whole process for a consumer – they even make it interesting for customers by introducing amazing deals on their purchases!

What is the most valuable aspect of anyone’s life today? We say time.

A payment gateway saves your time by speeding up your payment process and allows you access to multiple payment options for you to choose from while also making sure your transactions are secure. After all, we can’t let those hackers know how many pairs of pants you actually bought over the weekend.

Atome – the future of payment gateway

Atome (click here to visit the website) is here to make your experience of using a payment gateway all the more fulfilling. Based on concepts such as ‘pay later buy now’ and ‘Time To Own It,’ Atome’s brand is built around the ideology of empowering consumers who use their services and providing them with value for their time. It aims to create a set-up where a person can own what they need and realize their passion without having to wait for anything.

Atome, the brand name itself stands for ‘Available to me,’ which showcases the developers’ whole-hearted commitment to their business concept.

Atome’s payment gateway service is top-notch, optimizing customer satisfaction and improving sales for the companies it partners with. Currently, they partner with over 5000 online and offline brands from around the world. They are established in 8 markets across South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Greater China, with its headquarters based in Singapore.

With brand pillars of aspiration, access, and advice, Atome prides itself in prioritizing the quality of its service and removing barriers between shoppers and their aspirations.

Here is a list of online payment gateway apps that might be known by some of you:

  • Shopify payment gateway
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Paymaya payment gateway
  • Panamics payment gateway
  • Gcash payment gateway

Featured merchants using Atome payment gateway

Atome houses an impressive array of brands to choose from. On its website’s featured section, you can browse through well-known fitness brands such as Fitness First, Timex, the leading brand in wristwatches, and ALDO, one of the most highly respected footwear and accessories brands. Other partner stores include Agoda, Klook, OGAWA and ZALORA, and many more, with new stores joining the shopping revolution all the time.

This is not all; if you choose to purchase at these companies through Atome’s payment gateway, Atome even offers exciting discounts on your purchases in the Philippines!

The big surprise Atome prepares for you

We’re sure you’re already convinced to try Atome’s app (get the app), but if you need that little extra push, we’ve got something extraordinary for you.

Atome aspires to make it easier for shoppers to buy what they need, and to accomplish that goal, they have rolled out one of the best deals there is on the market – you don’t need to pay the entire bill at the time of purchase!

Yes, you read that right. Gone are the days when you had to meticulously plan your purchases and time them with a holiday to get a good discount. With Atome, you’re in good hands. Shop to your heart’s desire in Atome’s partnered brands and pay only one-third of your bill at the time of purchase, with the option to pay the rest in manageable chunks!

What’s the catch, you say? None! Atome doesn’t disappoint its users with any hidden fees or interest charges. Its sleek and well-designed app is completely free to download and use and lets you make an account within minutes.

Use Atome on mobile or download from PC

How to use Atome payment gateway?

Use Atome’s trendy app to ease the process of making payments when buying from a multitude of top brands around the world. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Use Atome as your payment method at checkout out when shopping at your desired brand’s online or offline store.
  • Make your brand new Atome account or log in to your existing Atome account.
  • Choose to pay in three months, with part of the payment due right away.
Pay in 3 or 6 months installment! Apply For Atome Card!
Pay in 3 or 6 months installment!
Apply For Atome Card!

Need a business partner?

If you run a business, be it lifestyle, makeup, beauty, or sports, and are looking for a way to get your sales up to take your business to the next level, Atome is your payment gateway companion.

Atome’s services offer your customers the smooth shopping experience they need and help your business grow by expanding your customer base.

With Atome as your business partner, your customers will have no choice but to keep coming back. Reach out to Atome on their website and partner with them today!

Concluding Thoughts

Are you in the Philippines and ready to join the movement that will change how people have shopped forever? We sure are!

Make the most out of your shopping experience by paying through Atome’s trendy and simple payment gateway app. Its flexible payment methods let you divide your bill into 3 affordable amounts, without any extra charges! Shop through Atome today and get the best deals on your purchases.

Waiting to save enough to buy that new dress? Have your sites set on that ocean-blue wristwatch? Or looking for a gym membership that fits you? Atome has a store that’s got what you need and with a deal that trumps all.

Shoppers, what are you waiting for? Shop away!

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