10 Safety Tips for Using Atome Card in the Philippines

by Atome

Oct 13 2023

The buy now, pay later trend is booming in the Philippines and Atome Card is quickly becoming a favorite choice for Filipinos who value convenience and flexibility in their online shopping experiences.

This credit-style payment solution allows you to shop now and pay later or even opt for shopping in installments. As with any transaction, especially with credit and installment-based methods, ensuring safety is paramount.

10 Tips to Use Your Atome Card Safely

You don’t need cybersecurity expertise to use your card safely. Follow the tips below to make the most out of your Atome Card while protecting your personal information.

1. Guard your card details

Keep your Atome Card number, CVV, and expiration date confidential. These are key pieces of information that others can use to access your finances. That’s why you should also review the site you’re buying from if you’re doing online shopping. Ensure they support card payment methods and that they have the security credentials to properly keep your data safe.

2. Connect to secure connections only

As helpful as public Wi-Fi networks can be, using them can expose your personal information to scammers. It’s especially important to connect to secure connections you trust when transacting online or choosing your Atome Card installment to remain protected.

3. Keep a close eye on your transactions

What have you recently spent on? Does it reflect accurately on your transaction history? This is an easy way to tell whether someone else has access to your Atome Card.

If you spot any unfamiliar transactions or suspicious activities on your Atome Card record, contact support@atome.ph immediately.

4. Use a strong PIN to secure your account

Part of the Atome Card setup process is nominating a PIN. This number acts as your password to access your card’s funds. It’s best practice to avoid using easily guessable combinations like “1234” or your birth year. Choose something a little more complex, but one you can still easily remember.

Updating your PIN regularly is also excellent for preventing unauthorized access to your Atome Card.

5. Enable transaction notifications

Receiving notifications about every transaction you make with your Atome Card is a handy way of monitoring your card activities. It can easily alert you in case someone uses your card without your consent.

6. Keep your information updated

Make sure your contact information in the Atome mobile app is up-to-date to receive timely notifications for your pay-later account.

7. Avoiding clicking on suspicious links

Be wary of emails offering too-good-to-be-true deals or asking for Atome Card details. It’s better to visit Atome’s official sites and social media pages to check on the latest deals.

8. Store your physical card safely

Just like your other belongings, it’s important that you don’t leave your Atome Card unattended. Keep it with you at all times to prevent others from stealing your card information.

9. Update your Atome app to the latest version

Atome often releases app updates to include the latest cybersecurity patches and keep your account secure. An updated Atome app also allows for the smoothest shopping experience and ensures you have all the latest features.

10. Read up on financial safety

With the rise of buy now, pay later and credit shopping, scams are also on the increase. Being aware of the latest methods scammers use to steal your information helps you avoid falling for their schemes.

Staying Safe Means Being Stress-Free with Atome Card

Atome Card offers immense convenience for Filipinos, from buy now, pay later shopping sprees to hassle-free bill settlements. However, you can only fully realize the joy of these experiences when you practice safe Atome Card use. Don’t forget the tips provided in this article to continue enjoying your Atome Card stress-free!

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