How to spend New Year’s Eve | A handbook for introverts

by Starry

Dec 29 2022

New Year’s Eve is filled with excitement, and everyone is ready to get their party shoes out. But it can come as bad news for introverts because NYE doesn’t just mean the whole family is getting together. It means parties, which can be uncomfortable.

But you can do a couple of things to make the experience bearable, so here’s a short list.

Know the quiet spots

The number one rule for attending a party as an introvert is to know where you can escape and have a quiet moment alone, whether at a restaurant or house party. You need to be able to recharge your social battery, so this is a crucial part.

You might have preferred to be watching a New Year’s Eve Korean movie but had to meet some people. Of course, you should enjoy yourself and talk to friends you haven’t seen in a while, but don’t forget to take time out for yourself.

There might be a less crowded garden, terrace, or even a separate room if your friend is having the party. Spending a few minutes relaxing will help you stay collected.

Go to the party with a friend

Everyone’s free on New Year’s Eve, meaning you don’t have to attend any party on your own, especially if mutual friends host it. Rule number two for an introvert is to never attend it without a friend you can hang on to.

It doesn’t mean you have to be joined at the hip the entire time, but it helps to have someone who can help you move the conversation along if you’re feeling awkward with several people. You’re also bound to meet people you don’t know at parties, so it helps to have an extrovert with you.

And, of course, there’s strength in numbers, so a friend group is even better. You could make a plan and go to a New Year’s Eve movie afterward.

Stay close to the snacks and drinks

Once you’re over with Happy New Year’s Eve greetings, it’s best to stay close to the snacks and drinks. It’ll give you something to get busy with; just make sure the drinks are safe and don’t overdo it.

Everyone can eat, even if they can’t talk. It’s an excellent way to start a conversation; everyone will eventually pass there anyway. And it also lets you taste great party foods.

New Year’s Eve finger foods are always a delight, whether it’s sandwiches, mini pizzas, or yummy desserts. It’s easy to have a good time with good food. There’s no chance for awkward conversations, and you can have your fill from the alcohol selection. Some restaurant parties even have open bars, so knock yourself out (not literally).

Head to the bathroom to take a break

You’d be surprised how much of a lifesaver a short bathroom break can be. It helps you escape any conversation you no longer want to be a part of, and it’s an easy way out without seeming rude.

It also works if you’re having a bad New Year’s Eve date or are nervous. Giving yourself a pep talk while facing the mirror and getting your game face on helps you get through the night.

NYE bashes also tend to go late into the night, so having a few short minutes away from the noise can help you collect yourself. Just make sure you let your friend or whoever you came with know where you’re going.

While this trick works in restaurants, it’s even better for a house party, especially if it’s a bigger house.

Plan a specific time to leave

This trick works wonders. Whether on your own or with a friend, planning a specific time to leave gives you something to look forward to. New Year’s Eve quotes might make it seem compulsory to stay till the end, but there’s no rule.

New Year’s Eve countdown parties might be a different matter, but arriving late is alright, so you don’t really have to spend as much time in the crowd.

Remember to keep your comfort as a priority. Of course, you shouldn’t stop yourself from meeting your friends and trying to have a good time, but that doesn’t mean you need to exhaust your social battery.

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