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by Starry

May 05 2022

Readers! Say goodbye to the boring old ways. Atome Philippines ushers you into the modern era of technology, a world where you don’t need to wait to realize your desires and buy what you need. Atome Philippines is part of a new wave of technological revolution, where modern tech empowers you with the control you need to manifest your dreams.

The Philippines is fast becoming a hub of popular brands from all over the world, and with it comes the need to make these brands accessible to the masses. Atome offers you just that! The company’s brand pillars of aspiration, access, and advice aim to make your passions a reality through the availability of quality products and services and an app that’s tailored to your wishes.

Launched in the last month of 2019 and headquartered in Singapore, Atome (click here to visit the website) is now operational across 8 markets in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mainland China! In a short amount of time since launch, Atome has acquired over 15,000 partner merchants both online and offline, becoming a leading brand employing a buy now pay later concept in Asia.

Atome brand – A new way to reshape shopping

A Spriteburst yellow-green brand color emphasizes the importance of a positive and enthusiastic attitude for those working at Atome Philippines. After all, revolutions come at the cost of many sleepless nights and disappointments, but success will surely come knocking at your door if you have the will to persevere.

Atome, the brand name, stands for ‘Available to me’ and is part of Advance Intelligence Group, which uses AI-driven technology to provide consumers with a powerful tool to enhance their shopping experience.

Covid-19 has changed shopping culture globally, with consumers frequenting online stores rather than their usual brick-and-mortar shops. Atome has adapted quickly to this shift in trends, offering its customers installments on their purchases at Atome’s partnered brands.

You might be wondering what these brands are. Well, Atome’s merchant list in the Philippines is one to behold. Insanely popular stores such as ZALORA, Watch Republic, OGAWA, Anker, and ALDO use Atome as their trusted payment gateway. Through Atome, you can get your hands on products ranging from shirts, pants, and dresses to massage chairs, accessories, skincare, and all that on a wildly fantastic deal.

Atome Philippines

Atome Installments in the Philippines

Excited to know what Atome is offering? Hold on tight because we have a list of features about Atome Philippines to review.

Atome prioritizes its customers. Their hashtag ‘Time to Own It’ capitalizes on the idea that today, anyone’s biggest asset is their time. As they say, time is money, and the minds behind Atome understand that deeply. The company’s goal is to bring control back into the consumer’s hand and make top-quality products accessible at a single tap of your phone screen and in the least amount of time. The brand makes well on its promise! The Atome app is completely free to download and use. There are no hidden charges, extra fees, or interest charges.

Pay in 3 or 6 months installment! Apply For Atome Card!
Pay in 3 or 6 months installment!
Apply For Atome Card!

Upon purchase from a physical store, the customer only needs to scan the product’s QR code using the app, or alternatively, select Atome as the payment method at checkout when buying from an online store. You can then pay your full bill in 3 payments with part of the amount due right away, a portion due after 30 days, and the last chunk due the next month. We don’t know about you, but we’re swooning already!

Consumers often hesitate to try new apps that deal with their money for fear of safety. Don’t worry; the Atome app (download the app) is 100% safe and authentic. Its interface is easy to use, which makes it a convenient and classy alternative to conventional cash payments or other modes of payment.

New endeavors can have a bit of a learning curve; Atome has got you covered. Atome’s customer service in the Philippines will have your back in case you run into any hitches and need some help.

Atome installment in ZALORA Philippines: Atome works with ZALORA

ZALORA (visit the store), one of the more popular brands in the Philippines, uses Atome as one of its payment methods. The online store houses an impressive collection of products from international and local brands. Its vast selection of outfits, from tops and bottoms to shoes, bags, and accessories, all keep up with the latest fashion trends.

At ZALORA, buy your favorite Nike shoes, that stunning ALDO bag, or that chic hoodie from Fila without a second thought because everything at the store is completely original! Want to check more ZALORA shoes? Read on to take the best pick!

Atome installment ZALORA Philippines

How to use Atome in ZALORA Philippines

Use Atome to secure your purchase with a few simple steps:

  1. Use Atome as your payment method at checkout from ZALORA.
  2. Make your brand new Atome account or log in to your existing Atome account.
  3. Choose to pay in three payments, with part of the payment due right away.

It just keeps getting better and better!

Partner with Atome Philippines

On the flip side of the coin, Atome is a fantastic brand to partner with if you’re a business owner. Expand your business by offering your customers an environment where they can buy what they want without delay, allowing them the space to purchase more products from your store.

Final Notes

Atome, a leading buy now pay later shopping brand, is making waves in the market. We wholeheartedly support it! Shop using Atome’s quick and efficient payment gateway app at any of its 6000+ partnered brands to acquire what you need today. It takes the game a step further and offers the consumer the option to pay in three reasonable amounts, reducing the burden of the purchase. Your wallet will thank you for it, trust us!

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