How to Wear Red This CNY to Maximize Your Luck

by jiatongma

Feb 07 2023

Apparel choices you sport during the Chinese New Year’s festivities have customary, historical, and symbolical significance. For this reason, the color red holds major value for the Chinese people as it signifies luck, and who doesn’t want to welcome the New Year with better luck?

Did you know that one of the oldest traditions in Chinese Spring Festival celebrations is buying new clothes? That is because new clothes symbolize new beginnings, change, and doing away with the old. Think of it as a fresh start, and what better way to welcome the year than with a fiery red ensemble?

We understand that wearing red isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, as it has a powerful presence. However, there are different ways to incorporate the hue in your wardrobe for a traditional yet stylish look. Moreover, how you style your red clothes makes all the difference in your final appearance.

This article will look at various colors you can pair with red for a festive look. So, let’s begin.

The classic combination: Black and red

While red exudes confidence and glamour, too much of the same color can make your outfit look boring. So, even though black and red may seem like a run-off-the-mill combination, it looks fantastic when styled correctly.

When pairing the two colors, opt for a mild tomato red, as the glaring contrast between bright red and black may look overwhelming. You can experiment with patterns, layers, and cuts to create a customized look.

Red represents vitality, while black signifies sobriety and elegance, no wonder the color combination is a staple in many wardrobes. Whether you sport a black scarf and stilettos with a red midi dress or throw a black blazer on top of a fiery red knit top, you can rock this look according to your mood.

A combination of energy: Blue and red

Red and blue exude different types of energies. While red signifies fire, blue represents water- the two are complete opposites. However, combined in a single outfit, they make you feel full of energy and ready to take on the world.

If you’re not sure about pulling this color combination off, you can ease into it by pairing different shades of each color. For example, you can wear a pale blue top with a deep red skirt or trouser pants for a more casual, laid-back vibe. You could even pair a scarlet red coat with a pale blue dress to create an appealing daytime look.

Another attractive way to add blue to your outfit is by choosing small accessories to go with your red outfit. For example, you can tie a blue belt around a red dress or trench coat and pair it with a blue handbag for a modern and fresh look.

If nothing else strikes your fancy, you can go for the classic jeans outfit and sport a red shirt or blouse with your favorite blue jeans.

A bright fusion: Yellow and red

Nothing screams ‘spring’ like a popping combination of colors, and the fusion of yellow and red definitely rise to the occasion. Yellow signifies positive energy and brightness, making it a perfect color to adorn this Chinese New Year. However, this combo is for the strong-hearted so if you shy away from statement looks, stay clear of this one.

There are different ways to wear yellow and red in a single outfit. You can pair a yellow t-shirt with a red button-open shirt and your favorite jeans. This look has a casual vibe but can even be flaunted at work.

Another way to add yellow to your outfit without looking ‘too bold’ is by draping a floral yellow scarf over a red dress. It is up to you to minimize the appearance of yellow by trying different scarf styles. For example, you can drape it across your shoulders if you prefer to flaunt the bright yellow color a little more.

In case you’re not up for an exuberant pick-me-up outfit, you can settle for a mustard handbag to pair with your red outfit.

The neutralizing combo: Grey and red

Now here’s a classic pairing idea for people who prefer a more sophisticated look. While bright red screams ‘look-at-me,’ grey, on the other hand, blends into the shadows, looking all mysterious. Hence, when you combine the two colors in an outfit, you get the perfect balance between bright and inconspicuous.

Consider wearing a bright red blouse with a smart-fit grey pantsuit if you have a formal event. Not only will you look modern and chic, but you will also exude the festive vibe of the Chinese New Year. You can achieve a similar look by pairing a red blouse with a grey skirt for a casual daytime look. For a night out with your girls, you can put together your favorite red top with grey leather pants and red heels if you want.

This color combination of grey and red looks equally attractive in men’s wear. For this reason, it’s a groom’s favorite at weddings. You can always check out the men’s collection for more color-pairing ideas.

A Christmas Vibe: Green and red

Red and green are complementary colors that create an interesting and eye-catching outfit. There are several clothing ideas that you can try to carry off these hues in style. For example, you can sport a red jumper with wide-leg green trousers for an effortlessly chic look. You can add a pair of oxford shoes for a touch of athleisure.

If you want to stay away from an absolute ‘holiday-themed’ appearance, you can add darker colors to your red and green outfit to tone down the brightness. A few good pairing options include navy blue, brown, black, and dark grey.

Red and green together has a very festive vibe, but if that’s not your style, you can always turn down the heat using simple tricks. For example, be careful about the fabric and texture you pick in these colors. It would be best to steer clear of glittery and sparkly fabrics. You should also avoid gold, velvet, and sequins as they give celebratory feels. Instead, opt for plain, solid colors or dull textures when pairing red and green.

Where can you find the best red outfits?

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