Traveling bags and other must-have items for your trip!

by jiatongma

Nov 14 2022

Rain, hail, or shine, the one companion to all your trips, expeditions, and adventurous shenanigans are traveling bags. You need to have a sturdy and compact yet lightweight traveling bag so that it isn’t just easy to carry but adaptable for all sorts of challenges.

There are a few prerequisites and criteria which should be met by traveling bags. For starters, traveling bags should be water-resistant/ waterproof. This is because most cold regions of the world are also one of the moistest/ damp regions. You don’t want an unprecedented rain to ruin your clothes or electronics.

Another important litmus test for standard and quality control includes durability. You need to test your traveling bag’s limits and see if it stands true to the claims it makes. Check the wheels, the handlebars’ strength, maximum loading capacity, zippers, etc. You can rest assured about the quality of your traveling bag if you choose a trusted brand, such as the Nike travel bag.

Another important aspect of choosing a traveling bag includes selecting the type of bag, whether you want a backpack or a suitcase. This can only be determined by the nature of your trip (i.e., whether you’re going on a formal trip or snow skiing, for example), and it greatly varies from one trip to another.

Must-have clothing and attire

Once we’re sorted with the traveling bags, the next quintessential part of our trip is the clothes we will carry along. Here are a few essential garments you must carry on your trip:

  1. Windbreaker jackets

You will definitely find many people wearing a Nike windbreaker jacket in a European country most of the time throughout the year. This is because windbreaker jackets offer moderate insulation, better than that of a sweater but fainter than that of an overcoat. Windbreaker jackets are ideal for carrying if you’re traveling to a cold-dominant country in summer or in temperate weather.

  1. Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are an amazing amalgamation of lightness and warmth. They help you stay warm while also being fashionably relevant. Puffer jackets are quite similar to bomber jackets, but each comes with its own line of perks and usability.

  1. Bomber jackets

To segue from the reference given above, bomber jackets resemble puffer jackets, spare a few differences. Bomber jackets are compacter and can be made of nylon, polyester, or leather. Nevertheless, they endow the same (at times better) level of insulation as the puffer jackets.

  1. Thermal underwear

If you don’t want to end up looking like you’ve just come from your grandmother’s house, you can wear thermal underwear. This helps you stay sleek and slim while staying as warm as a duck. Thermal underwear isn’t just an option when the mercury drops below freezing temperatures; they’re a must!

  1. Sweaters, scarves, and miscellaneous warmers

Though sweaters and turtlenecks aren’t the best at keeping you warm, they are the undisputed champions of stylish and dapper attire, especially when you’re aiming for a formal look. So, say you have to attend a conference or a formal meeting in a colder country; you’re going to look absolutely stunning in formal wear topped with a cozy sweater since staying warm wouldn’t be a big deal in centrally heated indoors.

Mufflers and scarves are equally as graceful for chilly winters for female attire.

Items you must keep for colder climate

For warm-dwelling individuals, it takes an experience to comprehend the brutality of cold winters in full swing fully, and no number of blogs or articles can fully prepare them for the brunt of this weather. But here are some of the items that will definitely come in handy when traveling to icy cold regions.

  • Lip Balms

Lip balms are literal lifesavers in cold winters. The skin over your lips is the most delicate there is. It is prone to desiccation, and once your lips crack, there’s no going back. As a reflex, we try to moisturize our lips with our saliva, which dries out and further exacerbates the condition. Dried and cracked lips soon break open, resulting in excruciatingly painful cuts and agonizing bleeds. To avoid this tumult and turmoil, always apply a lip balm, regardless of whether your lips are dry or not.

  • Moisturizers

Next in line with importance are moisturizers. As you would’ve noticed, moisturizing is a pretty big deal, and we cannot stress this enough. If you don’t treat it right, your skin becomes your greatest adversary, your bitterest nemesis, especially in dry winters. Your heels are the first flagbearers of an incoming catastrophe; the rest of your skin soon follows suit.

  • Heat packs

Heat packs are the equivalent of power banks, except that instead of charge, they dispense heat. If you aren’t built for freezing temperatures, and no matter how many layers of insulation you wrap around, you relinquish to the cold, heat packs are your saviors. Making it through winters in a cold country isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and heat packs are here to help.

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Packing items to carry when traveling to a colder climate is a challenging and tedious task. From choosing the perfect traveling bags to the apt insulating clothing, everything needs to be perfect to endure the bone-chilling climate.

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