Stay Safe While Bike Riding with Spyder

by jiatongma

Aug 12 2022

Spyder promises qualitatively superior bike gear to ensure safety during your bike ride. People often prioritize bike rides due to the thrill they offer. Speeding up a bike brings much more joy to people than driving a car. Due to this, the usage of bikes has recently increased after a shift to cars before that. Bike usage has also increased because of the increasingly busy roads which do not allow cars to cover a distance in shorter times. Traffic blockages now hinder cars, and they must stand in long blockages for an unknown time. It can lead you to be late for your office, school, or an important meeting. Therefore, people now prefer motorbikes through which you can glide through all the traffic with sharp turns and twists. 

Although there are many advantages to bike riding, safety remains a disadvantage. Accidents on bikes are likely to be more harmful than on cars. Bikes do not have advanced facilities of airbags like cars which can ensure a certain amount of safety. Therefore, it is essential to take self-initiated precautionary measures for bike riding. One of the critical measures for bike riding is wearing a helmet. Helmets produced are advanced in quality and technicality, due to which they promise safety even in the case of accidents by reducing the direct impact on the head. A Spyder helmet is the perfect choice to prioritize your safety because it ensures and offers refined comfort. And it doesn’t lag in design, so you can keep up with all your fashion trends while rocking a helmet. In this article, we will discuss the importance of helmets on motorbikes, the best products at Spyder, and Spyder’s collaboration with Atome. 

Why Should You Wear a Helmet While Riding a Motorcycle? 

There are many reasons for wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Wearing a helmet during your bike ride can promise surprising results. Some of the benefits of wearing a helmet during your bike ride include:

No Internal or External Head Injury 

Accidents on motorcycles are deadly because of the velocity of the moving vehicles and can lead to life-threatening circumstances if a person suffers a head injury. Falling from a bike can profoundly impact the head because it is often the point of impact on the ground. Wearing a helmet can limit the effect on the head. Helmets can save the pilot from internal and external injuries, which can be life-threatening. It would not be an understatement to say that helmets are life savers. 

Increase visibility

Visibility is an essential element of driving, and drivers always look for ways to increase their visibility. Wearing a helmet can enhance visibility considerably. Some helmets allow visibility through a glass which promises protection from UV radiation. This gives the rider a better view of the road, which helps in safer driving. A helmet prevents the direct entrance of sunlight into the eyes, due to which a blurring of vision is avoided, which can hamper the rider’s visibility. 

Protect from climatic conditions

Motorcyclists often wear helmets to keep away from extreme climatic conditions. Riding on a motorcycle in extreme heat or cold can be daunting. At such a point, it is essential to find a way to avoid direct exposure to harsh climatic conditions. For example, a helmet prevents a person from extreme sunlight in summer conditions. It prevents the sunlight from falling directly on the head, which can be dangerous for human health. Therefore, a helmet can provide prevention from extreme climatic conditions. 

What does Spyder offer? 

Spyder Philippines offers numerous bike gear that help improve the riding experience. Spyder half-face helmet, Spyder full-face helmet, and Spyder Nexus helmet are different categories of helmets provided at Spyder. These helmets are crafted in advanced ways to give safety from accidents and minimize head damage which can cause life-threatening circumstances. 

Spyder also offers Spyder shades for bike riding to secure the eyes from direct exposure to sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight while bike riding can lead to various visionary conditions. The eyes are sensitive organs, and direct exposure to sunlight can be highly damaging to them. Therefore, Spyder sunglasses are brilliant offerings to minimize the effect on the eyes. 

About Spyder 

Spyder has been operating globally and has a reputation for providing qualitatively superior bike gear. The prominent role of Spyder remains in the Philippines, where it boasts various franchises. Spyder has been devoted to ensuring safe biking experiences for riders. This concern comes due to the increasing number of accidents caused by bikes. The main reason for all the casualties and major inflictions is the head’s impact, which comes due to accidents or unforced errors. To counter this issue and dish out a solution, Spyder ensures top-quality bike gear that can help people carry out safe riding experiences. The helmets at Spyder are designed with advanced materials to minimize head damage. Moreover, Spyder is an environmentally-friendly brand promising production in a non-polluting manner. 

Spyder in Collaboration with Atome 

The collaboration ensures that the customers can divide their purchases into three equal payments while buying from Spyder and using Atome as their payment method. There is no interest in dividing your purchase into three payments. Moreover, the customers will be awarded various vouchers by making payments through Atome

About Atome

Atome is an online payment platform which is headquartered in Singapore, which has expanded significantly over time and partnered with various merchants to allow customers to purchase from international brands and divide their purchases into three payments or get discounts on their investments. 

Atome is currently active in 8 markets, namely Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mainland China, establishing deep partnerships with 10000+ online and physical merchants. Visit Atome’s website to learn more about its impressive offerings. Sign up to their app to get the signup voucher. 

Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan the QR code to download the Atome app

How to Pay for Your Purchase from Spyder through Atome? 

Follow the given steps to make your payment:

●Choose Atome as your payment method on the checkout menu

●Enter your login credentials on the following page

●Make an account if you don’t already have one 

●Complete your payment 

Safety measures on a motorcycle are paramount because of the risks on a bike ride. Unlike car rides, bike rides have a more significant amount of risk because the rider must directly bear an accident’s outcome. Head injuries can lead to Life-threatening instances for which precautionary measures should be taken. The riders should wear helmets for their safety. Get advanced helmets from Spyder to prioritize your safety.

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