David’s Salon – A treat for your locks

by jiatongma

Jan 06 2023

David’s Salon is a well-known hair salon chain, and it has several branches all over the country. The reason it’s so popular lies in quality over quantity, and the brand has established a reputation for good work since the first store was established in 1989.

Many salons claim to be the best, but David’s Salon has the numbers and trust to back it up. Each branch offers several services, and the chain is expanding overseas with an addition in Los Angeles, California, and another in Dubai.

Why You Should Visit David’s Salon

Here’s a list of reasons you need to find a branch if you need professional beauty services:

A longstanding history of service excellence

It’s hard to get away with being incompetent in the beauty industry, but it’s also hard to stand out with many talented professionals. If you want to succeed, you must bring something new to the scene. That’s precisely what David Charlton did when he brought his expertise to the Philippines.

He came from a family of hairdressers and passed the City and Guilds of London Institute Examination in Men’s and Ladies’ Hairdressing with distinction. He first came to the country in 1978 and managed the Rever Salon at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

With such an extensive resume, you can trust that he knew what aspects to focus on when he introduced Fine European hairdressing to a wide range of Filipinos.

Unrivaled customer satisfaction

The focus is on customer satisfaction, which the salon has focused on since the start. The company’s tagline is that they’ll bring the best out of you no matter who you are and what you do. This means that their stylists are well-trained.

Different face shapes and hair types require different care and suit different haircuts. The professionals at David’s Salon make sure they can select a style that looks wonderful on the wearer and makes them feel beautiful and confident.

Its philosophy makes them successful in the industry, and David’s Salon services are renowned for it. After all, the results are right in front of you, and satisfied clients have propelled the company to new heights.

Uncompromising quality

One part that prevents people from spending money at salons is that they may be using the best products while overcharging. You won’t have that problem because the company has partnerships with several renowned brands to bring the best to their clients.

There’s a reason the David’s Salon logo is recognizable all over the country. To name a few, the brand’s suppliers include Affinage Infiniti, Schwarzkopf & Henkel, USA’s Professional MATRIX and L’Oreal.

All of their treatments and other services use quality products to ensure their customers are able to make a genuine difference in their looks without damaging their skin or hair. It’s an essential factor that keeps customers coming back.

Great services at affordable prices

With an illustrious start at a luxury hotel in the Philippines, the reason the brand expanded to other channels was to fill the need for high-quality hairdressing services for a reasonable price. It opened doors for several budding services as European hairdressing styles gained popularity.

You’ll notice that David’s Salon price chart is available on the website and doesn’t have unrealistic numbers you wouldn’t want to pay. A single David’s Salon haircut starts at around

₱200 and varies according to hair length.

Affordability plays a vital role in the company’s expansion. Since it’s reasonable, people are more likely to become regular customers as long as they’re satisfied with the services provided at their branch.

In-house products

Of course, a partnership with renowned brands is crucial since it assures customers that only the best is being used during their treatments. There’s nothing like knowing a reputable name is in use since it holds a different weight.

But the reputation David’s Salon has built over the years means that their clients also trust their own product line. The products are recommended according to hair type and treatment since one size doesn’t fit all.

The company has an anti-hair fall shampoo and rejuvenating conditioner, an exfoliating beauty bar and one rejuvenating beauty bar. You can also ask your stylist for recommendations that suit your hair best.

All you have to do is search ‘David’s Salon near me’ to get the location of the closest branch.

You Can Enrol at David’s Salon Academy for Professional Training

Bringing quality work to their customers paid off, and one of David’s Salon’s best ventures is the Academy, which provides a number of professional courses.

There are trainers for coloring, men’s cutting trainers, make-up and up styling, nail technician, ladies’ cutting, shampoo, and blow-drying. The academy also trains the salon’s own staff.

It offers a number of courses, both short and long ones. The basic course lasts 40 days and covers all the basics, while the ladies’ cutting course lasts 16 days. There are also shorter courses lasting 8, 5, 4, 3, and 2 days.

The academy also offers beauty care courses for manicures and pedicures, reflexology, waxing and nail art.

David’s Salon – Find Your Best Self

David’s Salon was started by David Charlton back in 1989, and the chain has grown to have a significant presence in the country’s beauty scene, with over 200 branches in several cities. The root of its success lies in bringing new ideas.

The salon offers a range of services, and its reputation has been built over several years, so it’s trusted for a good reason. The salon aims to bring out the best in people no matter who they are, and its owner came from a family of hairdressers.

As such, it aims to bring Fine European hairdressing to the Philippines and has been highly successful.

David’s Salon

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