Color blocking – This season’s hottest fashion trend!

by jiatongma

Nov 14 2022

If you are here reading this article, then you must have heard about the latest fashion trend on the block – color blocking. Color blocking is all the craze in the fashion world right now. From Selena Gomez to Kate Middleton, celebrities and royals alike are promoting color block outfits.

Color blocking refers to mixing two or more contrasting and often bright colors in the outfit. With the warmer season at its end, this might be your last chance to try out some bright colors before the dark and gray mist of the winter sets over the Philippines. So, without any further ado, let’s spread some colors!

What is color blocking?

Color blocking means combining two or more solid colors in an outfit to make a bold style statement. The colors most often used are bright and often contradictory to one another. These colors often contrast and lie on opposite sides of the color wheel.

There have been many fashion trends that have come and gone. But color blocking is as popular as today because many fashion houses like Gucci and Prada and designers like Jeremy Scott constantly push the boundaries of fashion and experiment with colors.

You might have even seen many clothing items rocking the art of color blocking, like the van’s old-school color block. Other brands like Zalora Philippines are known for their unique and highly desired color block outfits. From color block long sleeve shirts to their pretty women’s sweaters, Zalora is at the pinnacle of exploiting the full potential of the color block.

Color blocking is not only restricted to clothing. You can also use color blocking in your homes in the décor. If you are thinking of painting your room, you might consider painting all the walls white or beige with one accent wall with a bold, striking color. Another way to color block may be to arrange bright-colored furniture against a color block background.

How to mix and match contrasting colors?

Fashion is supposed to represent you and your personality. Color blocking is a great way of making your personality pop out and shine. But mixing and matching contrasting colors might not work out well for you if you don’t know certain rules of color blocking. This article will give you the best guide on the rules of color blocking so that you become acquainted with the art of mixing and matching colors in your outfit.

  1. Use the color wheel

Firstly, you must become acquainted with the color wheel in order to color block your outfits. A color wheel is used to show the relationship between the colors. The colors on the exact opposite sides of the wheel are said to be complementary. Some examples of complementary colors are violet and yellow, orange color blocks with blue, and red and green. These colors might look too contrasting at first, but once you try them on, you see the magic of the color theory.

  1. Start with solid colors

If you are new to color blocking, we suggest you start with solid colors and leave the textures and patterns for later. Choose any color that you like from the color wheel as your primary color. The color opposite your primary color will be your complementary color for the outfit, which can be used in your accessories.

Take an example of Kate Middleton’s outfit: she put on a bright blue dress with an orange stripe in the middle, acing the color block outfit, while carrying an orange purse.

  1. Use colors with the same saturation

Well, if you are going to color block your outfits, one way to do that would be to go completely crazy and be creative. But that might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you want a stylish yet sophisticated look, consider sticking with contrasting colors of the same saturation. If you are going for a bold look, choose darker, contrasting, and warmer colors. But if you want a less bold look, choose timid colors like pastels.

  1. Balance it out with neutral colors

As they say, too much of anything is good for nothing! Hence don’t go ballistic in mixing colors that don’t belong together. Also, if you are wearing too bold and striking colors, you might want to balance them out with neutral colors like beige, brown, black, white, or cream.

  1. Accessorizing with a pop of color

The next step in color blocking is choosing accessories that bring out the character in your outfit. There are many ways to do it! You can wear a color block outfit, like a blue dress with an orange clutch. Think of color blocking like this: the world is your canvas, and colors are your brush! Match watches, color block heels, shoes, handbags, uppers, jackets, etc., to represent your style.

  1. Play with textures and colors – color block like a pro

Once you have mastered the art of color blocking with solid colors with similar saturations, now is the time to become a little more creative. We see so many models wearing striking bold colors on Pinterest. Let’s play with some colors and textures to bring those block color images to life. Check out some color block sweaters by Zalora; they have perfected the art of adding textures to color blocking.

Meet Zalora – bringing you the best color block outfits in the Philippines

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The world of color blocking may seem intimidating at first. And rightly so! If color blocking is done right, it can bring out your style like nothing else but mix the wrong colors, and you are bound for a disaster. But the most important thing while trying any fashion trend is to stay confident.

In this article, we have discussed not only block color meaning but also how you can mix and match contrasting colors to make the best color block outfits. If you are looking for great color block clothes with amazing deals, check out Zalora.

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