Capsule Wardrobe – Build the best winter wardrobe

by jiatongma

Nov 13 2022

Think about the most important thing when making your first impression. Undoubtedly, the first thing anybody notices about us is our dress. Our fashion sense, style, and choice of clothes tell a person a lot about us, even before we shake their hands. So, when it comes to your clothes, and hence your wardrobe, would it make sense to compromise?

Are you struggling with choosing what to wear every morning or feel like there isn’t anything to wear in your wardrobe? If so, then you need a capsule wardrobe. It is truly magical!

A capsule wardrobe will help you curate a magnificent wardrobe with only the things that matter – not gibberish. Here is your ultimate guide to building your very own winter capsule wardrobe!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Do you have items in your wardrobe that don’t belong together? Like dress pants and running shoes? If that is the case, you must get acquainted with the capsule wardrobe’s meaning. When it comes to your closet, a capsule wardrobe brings art into your cabinets.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing items that complement each other. These clothing items are interchangeable and thoughtfully curated in a way that, when combined, they make a perfect outfit. They are made primarily of neutral colors and are adorned with designs that withstand the test of time.

A capsule wardrobe allows you to expand the number of outfits you wear without buying too many clothes. Now isn’t that magical? Keep reading to find out which clothing items are a must-have for your winter capsule wardrobe that will make you stand out and steal the shine this season!

Clothing items that you need in your winter capsule wardrobe

If you want to curate your capsule wardrobe collection for this winter, then you are at the right place! Here is a list of all the items that are the must-haves for your winter capsule wardrobe:

  1. Shirts

First off, choose versatile shirts. Don’t choose shirts you will only wear once for a specific occasion. It is winter, after all, so you will have outerwear anyway! Choose a couple of tees in neutral colors, like white, grey, black, or beige.

  1. Bottoms

Next up, bottoms. Choose bottoms that fit well and in which you feel comfortable. Choose neutral colors like black, grey, blue, beige, etc., which can be worn with various shirts. You must have at least one pair of black jeans, some cotton or linen shorts, a knee-length skirt, and a pair of blue jeans. You might also consider getting jogger pants, which may even motivate you to work out during the cold days.

Check out Nike joggers on Zalora and use the Atome app to get the best deals!

  1. Other items

Next, we discuss other essential things for your winter capsule wardrobe. You will need some outerwear like jackets and hoodies, some sturdy shoes to get you through the winter, and some great-looking sweaters!

Type of jackets for winters

When it comes to jackets, you must choose wisely. There are a few options, like the Harrington jackets and puffer jackets. Either one is fine, and the choice is subjective.

You can find out various puffer jackets and even the highly-desirable Nike jackets on Zalora Philippines, which offers clothing from a number of brands under one roof. Here we discuss the finer details of the two types of jackets.

  • Harrington jackets

These are one of the go-to jackets for many people in winter. Despite being lightweight, they have a timeless design that can be matched with a number of different shirts. It has a high collar with a zip down the front. No matter the wearer’s age, the Harrington jackets will make you look chic throughout the winter. Check out Zalora Philippines to get the best Harrington jackets in the Philippines.

  • Puffer jackets

If you want maximum protection from the cold, puffer jackets are for you. They will keep you warm in style. Puffer jackets, also known as padded jackets, are insulated jackets that are padded on the inside to keep you warm. Recent fashion trends have popularized puffer jackets and have become highly desirable among people, especially younger ones.

Type of sweaters to have this winter

A Winters capsule wardrobe would be incomplete without some great sweaters. Having the right sweaters will bring not only warmth but also style. You can find sweaters in various styles: V-neck sweaters, crew neck sweaters, turtleneck sweaters, or oversized sweaters. There are even options for sweater outfits.

The choice depends on your aesthetics and your style.

You can get various sweaters on Zalora, all under one roof!

Here is a brief description of a few different types of sweaters:

  • Crew neck sweaters

These round-neck sweaters are classic pullover sweaters. You can style them with various shirts and bottoms. They are good for casual hangouts as well as professional meetings.

  • V-neck sweater

These are the holy grail of sweaters. With their sophisticated V-neck design, you can never go wrong by putting them on over a button-down shirt. They are best for professional settings, but if you know how, you can pull off wearing them anywhere you want.

  • Oversized jumpers

These come in various forms, such as a simple oversized sweater, a jumper outfit, or a jumper dress. These are great to just put on and look chic no matter the occasion.

Must-have types of boots for winter

Many people say that the first thing they notice in someone is their footwear. For your winter capsule wardrobe, you need a pair of comfortable trainers, one pair of formal shoes, hiking boots, and one pair of sneakers.

Here is a brief description of a few types of boots:

  • Hiking boots

These highly functional pairs of footwear come with flexible soles to provide good traction on inclined surfaces. But even outside the hiking trail, they look dope on their own. Check out different hiking boots offered by Zalora at some great prices!

  • Army boots

Well, if you are someone who wants to add some fun to their footwear game, then you can never go wrong with a pair of army boots. They make a statement of their own. You can wear them with jeans and look chic any day of the week!

You can check out men’s boots and boots for women on Zalora.

Meet Zalora – everything you need for your winter capsule wardrobe

If you are in the market for some great clothing pieces to build your winter capsule wardrobe, then look no further than Zalora.

Zalora offers clothing from several highly desirable fashion brands under one roof. From jumper dresses to puffer jackets and hiking boots to jumper outfits, you can find all these and more at Zalora. Don’t forget to check out their latest winter collection. But wait, there is more; now you can buy your favorite outfits from Zalora at even better deals.

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capsule wardrobe on Zalora

Getting your winter clothing from Nike’s factory outlet

In the bargain, you can get a myriad of jackets and uppers that flaunt a sporty look at Nike’s factory outlet in the Philippines. If you’re in it for men’s boots, you can get those as well!

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With the winds of winter nearing, now is the time to get equipped with the latest fashion in the market. Winter, for a lot of people, is a way to dress up and try a number of outfits. In this article, we have discussed how you can come up with a number of outfits with the art of the capsule wardrobe.

With Zalora, you can get everything you need for your winter capsule wardrobe under one roof. Where your athletic clothing is concerned, check out Nike outlets. Now with the Atome app, getting your favorite items at affordable prices has become easier!

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