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by jiatongma

Nov 03 2022

Are you someone who is up for traveling frequently? If yes, then getting familiar with Agoda is of prime importance for you. Agoda hotel booking is one of the services provided by Agoda. You can avail of Agoda hotel booking to book your favorite hotels worldwide with utter continence. Agoda hotel manila awaits to serve you and your loved ones!

Get to know Agoda!

The best deals at even more than 15,625 properties in the Philippines are offered by Agoda, one of the world’s biggest and speediest-growing online travel booking sites. The nation has 137 distinct regions, each having its special attraction, giving tourists a wide variety of places to explore. For stays in places like Manila, Cebu, and Boracay Island, you can locate the ideal hotels at the lowest price. Agoda is committed to providing you with the best accommodations at the greatest prices by offering the best price guarantee.

How does Agoda work for hotels?

Agoda uses an affiliate marketing strategy. A commission is received from the owner of the goods or services when an affiliate marketing company sells goods or services they do not own. The hotels mentioned on Agoda’s website are not its property. Instead, it serves as a mediator to streamline the process for visitors and hosts.

Without leaving, visitors may explore a variety of lodging alternatives across the world, quickly compare costs, and conveniently book and pay. As payment for the promotion and visibility Agoda gives them, hosts give a commission to the company for each successful booking.

The customer pays Agoda for his\her reservation using the merchant model, and Agoda then gives the host a portion of that money. Without disclosing the card’s information to the host, Agoda immediately charges the guest’s credit card.

Agoda serves as a middleman between the visitor and the host through the agency model. Agoda gathers the card information from the visitor and gives it to their server, which uses it to make the full payment instead of charging the visitor directly. The host pays a percentage of each guest’s bill to Agoda.

Payment modes accepted by Agoda

Depending on the requirements of the property, Agoda provides four primary payment methods.

UPC on ePass

Please follow the steps below once you login into the Agoda YCS Extranet.

  1. Finance
  2. Present Transactions
  3. Pick the reservations you wish to authorize
  4. Press “Next”
  5. Examine and select “Submit”
  6. Charge payments based on generated Virtual Credit Card (VCC) information

You can pay for your favorite Baguio Hotel Agoda using UPC or ePass!


Please follow the steps below once you’ve logged in to the Agoda YCS Extranet.

  1. Bookings
  2. Go To Bookings
  3. Look for the reservations you want to charge
  4. Pick the appropriate reservation
  5. The UPC’s “Click to View” link. Section
  6. Charge payments based on produced Virtual Credit Card (VCC) information

You can use UPC to book boracay hotels Agoda. Hands down, the best service you can benefit from is Agoda hotel booking!

Bank transfer

You can handle payments with a bank transfer if you like. Please follow the procedures below once you check in to the Agoda YCS Extranet.

  1. Finance
  2. Present Transactions
  3. Pick the reservations you wish to authorize
  4. Press “Next”
  5. Examine and select “Submit”
  6. A second message will inform you that the transaction will be completed, and the funds will be transferred to your bank account within ten business days. For the payment to be completed, please click Settle.

Physical credit card

Please follow the instructions below once you’ve logged in to the Agoda YCS Extranet:

  1. Finance
  2. Present Transactions
  3. Pick the reservations you wish to authorize
  4. Press “Next”
  5. Examine and select “Submit”
  6. Use your POS terminal to charge the Agoda credit card

Visit Davao Hotels Agoda and book yourself accommodation with comfort and luxury!

How to proceed with Agoda hotel booking online with Atome Card

Now using the new service by Atome, anyone can easily make purchases anywhere if they have the Atome card with them. This card can be used throughout the Philippines and even internationally.

Use of the Atome Card:

  • Both in-person and online Mastercard merchants accept Atome cards.
  • You receive a PHP 200,000 credit limit.
  • You don’t have to meet a minimum income requirement to start using or owning the card.
  • There are no ongoing expenses or any additional costs associated with the card.
  • Quick approval upon signing up, taking no longer than 90 seconds
Agoda hotel booking with Atome Card

How to complete Agoda hotel booking online with the Atome app

Customers can use Atome to divide the cost of their purchases into three zero-interest monthly payments rather than paying for them all at once. To do this, scan the QR code on a shelf in the store of a partner merchant or during the online checkout process.

You get PHP 200 off your first Agoda hotel purchase by downloading the app right away!

The following is how Atome functions:

  1. Select Atome as your payment method, and then scan the QR code at the vendor’s storefront.
  2. Create an Atome account and log in. You must create an account if you have never used Atome before.
  3. Pay just one-third of the sum; the balance may be paid in interest-free payments.
Pay in 3 or 6 months installment! Apply For Atome Card!
Pay in 3 or 6 months installment! Apply For Atome Card!

Use Atome to get discounts on your favorite Agoda hotel purchase! Get the app now!

Agoda hotel booking is a comfortable and convenient experience for all Agoda’s guests! The Atome app and Atome card can be used to make payments for hotel booking and accommodations! With Agoda and Atome, enjoy your hotel bookings with ultimate luxury, comfort, and convenience!

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