How to throw a year end party on a budget

by Starry

Dec 29 2022

Everyone loves a rocking year end party, but we all know how expensive arranging one can be. From decorations to food and beverages, there’s much to be bought to throw a memorable party. But what to do if you’re on a budget? No need to fret because we have put together tried and tested tips that will help you arrange an exciting bash without burning a hole in your pocket.

So, let’s find out how you can save money but still throw an unforgettable party.

DIY your own décor with balloons

Decoration is an essential part of any party. While it’s easy to skip it, the right décor can add life to your home and set the mood for celebration. Nowadays, you can find elaborate decoration settings for every party, from New Year’s to graduation and baby showers. But there’s no need to splurge on superficial additions when there is a cheaper way to achieve the same results.

All you need to buy are colorful balloons that compliment your year end party theme and enliven your space. You can also find metallic options that go with most New Year party themes and settings.

Save money on wine and alcohol

Unless you want to be remembered as ‘the person who arranged the best wine for a New Year party,’ you can easily opt for cheaper alternates that work the same way. Don’t overspend on expensive alcohol and wine; instead, look for the best deals you can find in online stores like Frabelle Marketplace.

Another excellent way to save money is by downloading the Atome app (Get the app) and searching for the best deals and offers on liquor across various stores in the Philippines.

BYOB isn’t a bad idea either; remember to mention it on the year end party invitation so all your guests come prepared with their own bottles of alcohol.

Make your own party snacks

Although snacks are never the center of attention at parties, they are essential regardless, as all the dancing and lounging around makes guests feel ravenous. There are many ready-to-use snack items that you can buy for your New Year party, but they can disturb your budget owing to high prices.

Making your own party snacks is an excellent way to curb party expenses and add a touch of your personal taste to the food items. If you aren’t keen on arranging an entire New Year’s Eve party food buffet, you can always ask your friends and family members to pitch in. This way, you can have a little pre-party with your besties before the actual event.

Don’t buy a new outfit

While buying a new outfit for every party is tempting, it’s not always a wise plan of action because the holiday season can be expensive, as is with all the gift shopping. So, rummage through your closet for forgotten gems instead of looking for a new piece of apparel in stores. You can always repurpose or style your old clothes differently to make them pop out.

The money you save on clothes can be spent on other year end party ideas like party favors or gifts for winners of New Year party games.

Frabelle MarketPlace – A one-stop shop for all your party needs!

Frabelle MarketPlace was created in December 2010 when the world was experiencing a new era of online purchasing. It was an attempt by the company to bring quality food items closer to Filipino homes, and its vision certainly resonated with the people in the Philippines. Today, Frabelle MarketPlace carries a wide variety of edibles, including meat, seafood, fruit and vegetables, snacks, beverages, dairy and bakery, lifestyle products, and pantry essentials that you have delivered right to your doorstep.

So, if you’re planning a year-end bash, Frabelle MarketPlace is an excellent online store to explore party essentials. The store offers monthly promos along with various deals and offers to help customers save money while enjoying a convenient shopping experience.

How to shop at Frabelle MarketPlace with Atome

Frabelle MarketPlace is one of Atome’s partner merchants, so you can shop your favorite products from their store using Atome’s flexible payment plans. The buying process is quite simple, and you can start by downloading the Atome app on your phone. Next, enter your details to create an account. Once your payment details are verified, you can begin shopping using the monthly payment plan.

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Pay in 3 or 6 months installment!
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Here’s a quick way to check out with Atome at Frabelle MarketPlace.

  1. Select Atome as your payment method when checking out of Frabelle MarketPlace.
  2. Enter your account details and continue.
  3. If you still need to register an account, you will be encouraged to create one.
  4. Once your details verify, you can move on to payment.
  5. Pay one part of your bill and defer the remaining amount to subsequent months.

Enjoy exclusive discounts with Atome

Atome is a BNPL that operates in 8 markets worldwide, including the Philippines. It has more than 15,000 partner merchants that offer products and services across fashion, lifestyle, travel, home, etc. Since Atome users have thousands of products to choose from, they are virtually never out of shopping options.

The company understands the importance of an outstanding shopping experience; therefore, it offers users more than flexible monthly payments. With Atome, you always stay updated on the latest promotions, deals, and offers, so never miss a good discount. The Atome app provides a highly personalized user experience and gives users store recommendations based on their interests. This makes it easier for you to discover new stores that have similar products and services that you like.

Shop for year-end party items with Atome Card

Another exciting feature of Atome is the Atome Card which allows cardholders to shop at any store that accepts MasterCard. Applying for this card is easy; the only document you need is a valid PH ID, and that’s it. If you’re wondering about the minimum income required for The Atome Card, you’d be happy to know that there is none.

The Atome Card is available in two variants: physical and virtual. The first can be used for online and physical purchases, while the virtual card is only valid for online stores supporting MasterCard payments. You can choose to get both cards simultaneously, but they will have a shared spending limit of up to ₱200,000.

The approval system of the Atome Card is relatively easier since you don’t need to show a minimum income for approval. You can expect acceptance of your application within 2 working days. If you want the physical card, you may have to wait until it arrives at your doorstep to activate it, whereas the virtual card can be activated instantly through the Atome app. Want more info on Atome Card application details? Read more!

Shop for party supplies with Atome app

With Atome, you can shop for everything from New Year party costumes to year-end party decorations. Since there are so many merchants to shop from, you will have plenty of choices for your desired products. So, download the Atome app today and explore the numerous brands waiting for you.

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