How to wear velvet in tropical weather for that luxe look

by jiatongma

Jan 03 2023

Although velvet is a rich material often synonymous with the cold season, it is a fabric that can be used throughout the year to enhance your outfits and accessories. Velvet symbolizes luxury and wealth. Back in the day, this luxurious fabric was reserved for the royals and the elite class only, but now everyone has access to it.

Velvet is a very versatile material that is incredibly soft, super smooth, and glossy. It can be found in jewelry, shoes, bags, clothing, blankets, curtains, and upholstery. Beginning to appear in East Asia in the fourteenth century, velvet eventually spread around the world. It was made from pure silk using a unique procedure that produced an expensive and exquisite fabric.

Now we know that velvet is a material that can only be worn in cooler climates. But why should those who live in tropical areas be denied this luxury? So, here are some ideas for you to incorporate velvet into your daily life.

Limit to one velvet piece

If you want to look graceful without overdoing the velvet trend, wear a single velvet piece to boast a perfect luxe look!

Here in the Philippines, with our hot and humid climate, we cannot wear completely velvet outfits as in colder places. Hence, it is perfectly acceptable to choose one velvet piece only and make it part of the entire outfit. Of course, your other items must be comfortable to wear and bear.

Here are a few ideas for a single velvet piece that will help you gain inspiration and come up with your own velvet dress outfit ideas:

1. For a laid-back daytime outing, a velvet miniskirt with a cotton t-shirt and sneakers would be ideal. Remember to bring your shades! On the online site ZALORA Philippines, velvet skirts are readily available in many colors and sizes.

2. You can wear a black velvet dress in various settings as it is a wardrobe essential. For the summer, a dress without sleeves is ideal. For a night out, wear it with heels and dangling earrings.

3. A red long-sleeve velvet dress is ideal for Valentine’s Day. It might be your best friend on New Year’s Eve, too- be prepared to mesmerize everyone.

4. On a tropical night, a vintage blue velvet dress can be worn to a formal dinner or a special occasion. You can accessorize with pearl jewelry.

5. A Christmas theme calls for an emerald velvet fabric, but there are several variations that you can try. Wear an emerald velvet gown, high-waisted slacks, a velvet top, a jumpsuit made of velvet, or velvet skirts paired with cardigans.

6. Do you want to dress your daughter in velvet? A variety of garments are available in velvet fabric. You can take your pick from velvet jumpsuits, onesies, leggings, tees, sweaters, and cute, frilly velvet dresses.

velvet fabric material

Pair with items in breathable fabrics

Velvet can be too much to handle for some, so it’s best to pair it with breathable fabrics for a more laid-back look. Here are a few ideas you can try out the next time you feel like taking your velvet outfit for a spin.

1. Treat yourself to an enticingly soft pajama set with velvet trimmings.

2. When it is cold outside, you can wear a velvet jacket with jeans paired with a button-down shirt. You can also sport a velvet cardigan over a denim skirt and camisole. These uppers can be worn on formal gowns or sleeveless silk dresses to enhance the style. Given that they are readily available in all sizes, you can twin in velvet jackets with your girls.

3. Are you invited to a party with an 80s theme? With matching velvet gloves, you can style in a silk slip dress or a formal gown with a high slit. Remember to wear your pearls.

Discover velvet through bags and footwear

If you plan to wear velvet and the weather does not approve, do not worry because you can still add it to your everyday wear by introducing velvet bags and velvet shoes.

Velvet bags are fashionable and in demand. Velvet bags, wallets, handbags, backpacks, and pouches come in many colors and designs. Match them with your outfit and sport a rocking look if you are not comfortable with wearing velvet clothes. Just add velvet in any form to your closet and see the magic unfold in front of you.

Velvet footwear completely changes the game. With trousers and a cap-sleeved top, a pair of velvet sandals will instantly transform your look from cute to stylish.

Put on velvet pumps with your fashionable outfits for an elegant look. After a long day at work, treat your feet to luxurious velvet slippers; your feet will appreciate it. Invest in an excellent pair of velvet loafers because they work with everything, including dresses, skirts, leggings, and jeans.

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