Sleeveless dress, fantasy comes to life!

by Starry

Apr 26 2022

Imagine yourself by the sea, waves crashing soothingly at your feet; you’re wearing an elegant, tasteful sleeveless dress, its hem billowing behind you as you walk languidly along the shore leaving behind a trail of footprints in the warm glittering sand. Your beautiful hat has a gorgeous purple ribbon on the side, an ice bucket beside you with a chilled bottle of lemonade, and someone you love walking ahead, beckoning for you to come to walk with them as their silhouette glints charmingly in the glow of the setting sun.

Sounds like an iridescent dream? We know how to take you a step closer to achieving it. With covid-19 restrictions easing around the world, adventure and travel are back on the table. What better way to celebrate your newfound freedom than enjoying an exciting, invigorating day at the beach.

And if you’re someone who dresses to leave everyone in awe, you absolutely need a sleeveless dress. Be it a white sleeveless dress, a pastel blue one, or a sea green piece. Whether it’s a long dress or a knee-length piece, this is a fashion style that you can carry everywhere; a party with friends, your work meeting, or a family gathering – you can wear a dress to any occasion.

We’re sure you’ve already guessed it, but in case you’re still unsure, this article is all about sleeveless dresses, how to get your hands on the most gorgeous ones and how to acquire them at the best price.

Plains & Prints – the haven for dresses!

If you’re in the Philippines, your number one go-to brand to buy your sleeveless dresses from is Plains & Prints.

The brand was a college girl’s fantasy that began its humble journey in 1994 as a stall run by 2 members. The brand grew popular due to its creative designs and unparalleled quality of work, soon out-competing its competitors.

Plains & Prints has had popular personalities such as Gretchen Baretto and Anne Curtis as the face of the brand. Endorsers such as Celine Lopez, Paula Taylor, and Liz Uy have partnered with the clothing brand as well. Currently, its creative team is headed by the talented Rhett Eala, who is taking the brand to new heights as they aim to make fashion history and change the way women have viewed fashion forever.

sleeveless dress

Plains & Prints stands for the concept of ‘Everyday Elegance.’ The idea is that every woman should have the opportunity to look and feel elegant on any occasion. With that ideology in mind, Plains & Prints aims to create pieces that allow women to freely express their individuality and look stunning anywhere, anytime.

The beautiful purple ribbon in their brand logo, once a sign of luxury and extravagance, is now an element of many different kinds of fashion. At Plains & Prints, it is a symbol of unification and availability of every type of fashion to everyone.

Currently, Plains & Prints operates through 80 stores across the Philippines, and its e-commerce websites make its products available to many across the globe.

The sleeveless dresses sold at the company make their collection vibrant and alluring, including diverse options such as sleeveless long dresses and knee-length dresses in bold designs. Each piece showcases an original and vogue style. We’ve selected our favorite picks of dresses for you.

Natural Tahoe sleeveless dress with mask

This statement white sleeveless dress is a knock-out. Its summer print with a bold bow across the body is a story about expressing your style in all its glory and with awe-inspiring confidence. And an added perk is that you also get a matching mask to comply with covid-19 guidelines!

Natural terry sleeveless dress

This gorgeous dress with a fresh polka-dot design and ruffle detail screams effortless charm. This mid-length sleeveless dress will surely set you apart from the crowd.

Raf bijou sleeveless dress

Boasting a v neck, ruffled hem trim, and a pair of side pockets makes this dress beautiful yet practical. A belt at the waist gives this sleeveless dress the element of flair you need to make a lasting impression at any party.

Raf Amsterdam sleeveless dress

Its double-breasted waist dress and flawless make deserve high praise and popularity. Mock lapels make this sleeveless dress fun while also maintaining its classic, chic look.

Raf zoak sleeveless dress

This white sleeveless dress is the flare you need in your life. Its ribbon work on the bodice and flared skirt make this dress something to be worn on the runway.

Valor sleeveless dress

As the name makes abundantly clear, having this dress in your wardrobe will give you the bravery you need to seize the day. This sleeveless dress’s stunning design and perfect fit will keep them talking about you long after you’ve left the party.

Winzor sleeveless dress

This white sleeveless dress is a perfect addition to your closet if you’re looking to buy something formal without having it be boring and repetitive.

There’s more!

Right about now, we’re sure you’re as in love with Plains & Prints as we are. We know you want to get right to fill up your cart with all the sleeveless dress options you can possibly get. Hold your horses; we’ve got something to make your shopping experience even more fulfilling. Plains & Prints is also a registered merchant of Atome! By the way, you can check out the ZALORA dress for a change if you are a person keen on fashion style.

What is Atome?

Atome (click here to visit the website) is the world’s most popular shopping brand that is making it easier for shopping enthusiasts around the globe to get what they need quickly and with amazing deals.

Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

Headquartered in Singapore, Atome operates across 8 markets, including Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, and Greater China. It offers its users who shop at their partnered brands the option to pay their full bill in three reasonable amounts, making the product more affordable and easily accessible, without any interest or extra hidden fees. Revolutionary? We sure think so!

Atome’s free app (click here to download) is easy to use and efficient and lets you make an account within minutes.

To shop at Plains & Prints through Atome, follow these simple steps:

  • Use Atome as your payment method at checkout out when shopping at Atome’s partner brand Plains & Prints
  • Make your brand new Atome account or log in to your existing Atome account.
  • Choose to pay in 3 reasonable chunks, with part of the payment due right away.

And you’re all set to shop for whatever you desire. There is no need to meticulously finance your shopping spree and come up with schedules to time purchases when you get your salary. With Atome, get what you need anytime!

Ending notes

Your choice of clothing is your story and the first impression you put out in the world. Needless to say, it needs to be on fleek and should boldly announce your individuality to the world. With Plains & Prints, you have the most fabulous collection of sleeveless dresses to choose from, and the icing on the cake; with Atome, you get your favorite dress whenever you want!

With Atome’s incredible offer allowing you to split your bill within a series of 3 payments, the shopping world is your oyster.

We sure are ready to upgrade our capsule wardrobe, are you?

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