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by jiatongma

Jan 03 2023

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, we can feel the air of festivities all around us. Since sequins have made a major comeback on runways and red carpets, it’s the perfect fabric to flaunt this festive season. However, many people are afraid to try out this trend, fearing that it may be too ‘over-the-top,’ but we are here to tell you how you can style the sequin fabric for a luxe look.

So, let’s get started.

How to wear sequins for an effortless yet classy look

It’s normal to get carried away with the shimmer and sparkle of a sequin outfit, but there’s a fine line between looking fashionable and distasteful. To make it easier, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you slay the sequin look in style!

  1. Create balance in the outfit

Everyone loves to shimmer and shine, but too much of it can make you look like a disco ball. So, unless that’s the vibe you’re going for, it’s best to pair sequin pieces with non-shiny apparel options. So, if you’re wearing a sequin gown, surround it with understated jewelry pieces, shoes, and bags to create a balanced look.

  1. Avoid too much sparkle during the daytime

Night outfits can be flashy and bright, but it’s always best to tone down your daytime sequin outfits for an elegant look. Instead of adding sequin cloth to your dress, incorporate it in your accessories such as a handbag, shoes, etc. You can even wear a neutral-toned sequin blouse paired with your favorite dress pants to steal the show at your office party.

  1. Find sequin bags and shoes to compliment your dress

Sequin bags and shoes are an excellent way to add shimmer to your outfit without overdoing it. Since they are smaller in size, they attract just the right amount of attention for an effortless look. Leading designers like Gucci and Benedetta Bruzziches are amping up their game with classic bags that elevate both day and night looks.

And since we’re on this topic, it’s best to add sequins as a clutch or wristlet if you’re starting out with the sequin trend. You can skip dazzling gym bags and totes until you’re comfortable carrying small sequin bags.

  1. Avoid bright patterns and hues

A sequin jumpsuit looks really chic, but it’s better to stick to solid colors and deeper hues, whatever apparel style you choose. You can even sport a casual sequin jacket in elegant colors like black and blue to complete any outfit with a splash of sparkly panache.

While bright patterns look very appealing on the rack, finding a suitable occasion to wear them can be challenging. Instead, invest in versatile sequin pieces that you can style in multiple ways. Only pair sequin tops with bright colors if you are confident you can pull them off. Stick with solid, neutral colors and rock the trend while staying within your style safety zone.

sequin dress

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Reading about new trends is one thing, but finding stylish yet wearable pieces is another. Fortunately, Atome has several leading fashion partners who bring the latest trends to your doorstep. One such store is ZALORA, a one-stop online store where you can find a wide variety of fashionable products.

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Since fashion is constantly evolving, ZALORA’s team focuses on keeping its customers ahead of trends with its ever-expanding range of products from brands across the globe.

How to shop for sequin items at ZALORA with Atome

ZALORA understands the importance of customer satisfaction and has partnered with Atome to offer its customers flexible payment options. It means you can shop your favorite products, including sequin outfits from ZALORA, using Atome’s monthly payment plan.

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Here is how you can pay at ZALORA with Atome.

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Atome Card

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Stay ahead of fashion trends with ZALORA

Whether you drape yourself in a sequin backdrop or adorn a sequin dress, this trend is too glamorous to pass on. Find stylish outfits that bedazzle audiences wherever you go with ZALORA. And if you want to enrich your shopping experience further, partner with Atome for interest-free monthly payment plans.

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