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by jiatongma

Dec 08 2022

Today, screens are needed by everyone around the world. From flat-screen televisions to smartphones & tablets, smart devices have taken over the world by storm. When we talk about tablets, we come across a renowned brand, Realme. Today, in this article, we will be shedding some light on tablets, including Realme tablets. We’ll also be discussing Realme tablet prices in the Philippines to make sure you get the best deal in town!

Discovering the world of Realme

Sky Li launched Realme, a recognized technology brand, on May 4, 2018. Realme’s goal is to give young people a superior overall experience with its products, and the company is dedicated to establishing technological trends.

Due to the capabilities of cutting-edge technology in cellphones and Intelligent devices, Realme provides goods with excellent quality and cutting-edge features to provide its users and fans with the greatest possible digital experiences.

Since its inception, Realme has experienced exponential growth, with an annual growth rate of 157%, according to Counterpoint Research’s statistics on worldwide smartphone shipments for the first quarter of 2020.

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Welcome to Atome

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Using the Atome Card to make Realme purchases

Here’s how you use your Atome Card to purchase Realme Tablets at the best Realme tablet price in the Philippines:

  1. Activate your Atome Card.
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Using the Atome app to make Realme purchases

If you prefer to divide your purchases into three equal monthly installments, download the Atome application on the Android and iOS app stores.

  1. When checking out from the Realme website, select Atome as your method of payment.
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Getting the best deals with the Atome app

  • Special offers, coupons, suggested retailers, and promotional alerts.
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Tips for selecting a tablet that’s best for you

Mentioned below are some tips for getting a tablet.

  1. Weight

Since tablets are portable, weigh and measure your potential purchases carefully. In some situations, you’ll need to carry the tablet for extended periods, so it shouldn’t be too heavy. Keeping things as light as feasible is best. The tablet’s durability should not be affected, though, if you drop it.

  1. Dimensions

The item’s dimensions are a crucial consideration because they affect how well it sits in your hands. For instance, it could be difficult to handle a heavy upper edge, wide tablet when it is in a portrait position.

  1. Storage

Tablet storage is a crucial element to consider, even though you might not be able to store as much data on a tablet as you could on a laptop. To choose a tablet, consider the storage. Solid-state storage is used in every tablet because of its high durability, small size, and low power consumption. The shortcoming is a lack of storage space.

Most tablets offer from 8GB to 64GB of storage, which is comparable to a laptop. If you only use it to surf the internet, read novels, and watch movies, storage space isn’t a big concern. However, you should consider a greater capacity model if you plan to save Movies in HD or a lot of games. This will save you from having to move data back and forth between devices.

  1. The option to extend memory

Additionally, tablets with memory card slots can have more storage. If the tablet has web access, you might potentially use cloud storage to supplement tablet storage. In addition to the style, features, and performance, you should consider the brand’s quality and after-sales support network to provide an answer. Otherwise, you might need to search online for a tablet repair service. To be able to get your tablet fixed if something goes wrong, you should pick a brand that offers dealerships, and there ought to be a minimum of one in your city.

Why & how do Realme tablets have the edge over other tablets?

Have you decided that you’re going to get a Realme tablet at the best Realme tablet price in the Philippines? Congrats, you’ve made the right decision! Here’s why Realme tablets are simply better:

  • The grace of Android 12 & Realme Pad UI 3.0

The Realme Tablets are powered by Android 12 and have Realme Pad UI 3.0 on top of it. It’s a good thing that the user interface resembles that of Android since it makes it simple for those who already own Android smartphones to grab the tablet and use it right away without having to read any manuals.

  • Intuitive interface

The interface features are created for comfortable tablet use, such as side sliders for convenient access to applications and tools from any window, scalable apps windows to change the size of apps displayed on the main screen, split screens to view two apps side by side on the screen, and floating windows to open apps in pop-up windows, all add to the interface’s usability. These capabilities make it simpler to utilize many programs in various windows at once, enabling multitasking. The tablet also supports the drag-and-drop feature.

  • Large screens

In addition to the add-on features that are similarly present on Realme smartphones but perform better on the Realme Tablets due to their large screen, there is “Limelight.” This is a brand-new function that is only accessible on Realme Tablets at this time. This function effectively represents Realme’s take on Apple’s Center Stage functionality. When making video calls, the wide-angle front camera of the tablet automatically frames the scene and keeps the subject in the center of the shot.

In addition, it automatically widens the view to accommodate more subjects when it recognizes that there are numerous people in the frame.

  1. It can be used for educational purposes

The Realme Tablets work well for education and pleasure when used alone. Both Pencil and Smart Keyboard aid in creative and productive duties while being on the pricey side.

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