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by Starry

May 31 2022

What is the best Mia Maison scent? Want to decorate your house with Mia Maison items? Home fragrances are prioritized because they keep places clear of foul odors and ensure an environment that pleases the senses. Finding apt home fragrances that are a perfect fit for your senses is difficult. A few brands offer a unique, diverse, and quality collection of home fragrances. Therefore, it is essential to make the right shopping choice to ensure that you are served with the best home fragrances. Living with a scent that doesn’t suit your senses is not an option, due to which you have to be highly microscopic in choosing home fragrances as it will determine how your house smells.

Mia Maison Philippines has been a brand serving mesmerizing home fragrances for years. These home fragrances have satisfied countless people. However, the advantage of the brand lies in its diverse collection of home fragrances. The brand isn’t restricted to specific scents. On the contrary, it serves as a brilliant platform to deliver home fragrances according to people’s requirements. Mia Maison has enjoyed a considerable customer base primarily due to their qualitatively satisfying scents tailored for certain senses. Therefore, you don’t want to miss out on Mia Maison if you’re looking for home fragrances that can make your house smell good. Follow the article to learn about the most popular items at Mia Maison, their best branches, their collaboration with Atome, and how to benefit from it.

Best Mia Maison Branches

Mia Maison’s branches are crowded because of the brand’s reputation, which serves as a customer attraction. Mia Maison’s branches are beautifully crafted to give a royal outlook that derives from the brand’s caliber. There are numerous Mia Maison branches across the Philippines. However, they have some main branches that stand out from the crowd. Mia Maison’s branch in Pasig City, Metro Manila, is one of the busiest branches of the brand. It is primarily due to its central location and spacious accommodation. It is perceived as one of the main branches of the brand. Mia Maison’s branch in Quezon City, Philippines, is also a central branch of the brand. It serves as a customer attraction because it is easily accessible.

Mia Maison Best Sellers

Mia Maison’s scents have mesmerizing customers due to their breathtaking and refreshing smells. Qualitatively superior Mia Maison scents have been spreading across customers’ homes, making the houses refreshing environments. There are certain products at Mia Maison that have enjoyed immense crowding because of their unique scents. Here are a few best-sellers at Mia Maison:

The Fresh Bamboo

Fresh Bamboo is one of the most popular and best-selling products at Mia Maison because of its unique scent and qualitative brilliance. The Fresh Bamboo is a water-based oil that exudes a refreshing scent to enlighten one’s senses. It comes in 100ml packaging and has been used widely by people.

Smart Aromatic Machine

Mia Maison is the first local company to introduce the Smart Aromatic Machine to the Philippines home fragrance scene. The Smart Aromatic Machine has been serving as brilliant automated machinery that can be pre-programmed to burst at specified intervals. It can also be determined that it will operate at specific periods. Therefore, the new introduction has enjoyed immense appraisal.

Odour Away Kitchen Bliss

Now, who would want a kitchen that stinks? Nobody. But everybody would love a kitchen that exudes a royal scent. The Odour Away Kitchen Bliss performs the exact function. It is a water-based oil that can help transform the odor of your kitchen into a refreshing environmental experience. The Odour Away Kitchen Bliss also comes in 100ml packaging and has been famous because kitchens are the highest priority.

Home Fragrances

Mia Maison is a brand that offers various home fragrance products. Its fragrance house offers numerous home fragrance products that can completely change the odor of a place. Currently, good items include Mia Maison diffuser, Mia Maison humidifier, Mia Maison aromatherapy oils, Mia Maison Smart Aromatic Machine, Mia Maison room mists, etc.

mia maison humidifier

About Mia Maison

Mia Maison was founded by Shirley S.Reyes in 2006 when she mixed various fragrances for departmental stores. In 2006, she created a kiosk in Glorietta. Today, it has 60 stores nationwide. The progress of Mia Maison as a brand has been exemplary. Mia Maison scents can prove to be a handful if you’re looking to improve your home’s odor because they can infuse a sweet fragrance that is definitive in satisfying your senses.

Mia Maison in Collaboration with Atome

Mia Maison has collaborated with Atome. The collaboration has been highly beneficial for customers. The partnership allows customers to get a discount on their Mia Maison shopping experiences. They also get a chance to divide their purchase from Mia Maison into three equal payments. Therefore, the partnership between Atome and Mia Maison has highly benefitted the users by giving them discounts and an opportunity to divide their purchases into three payments.

Pay in 3 or 6 months installment! Apply For Atome Card!
Pay in 3 or 6 months installment!
Apply For Atome Card!

About Atome

Atome is a buy now pay later application that has numerous merchants. It has partnered with over 15,000 merchants. These collaborations allow customers to avail discounts and divide their purchases into three payments if they buy from Atome’s merchants.

Atome offers a welcome voucher to its new users on the first purchase. Take a look at Atome’s website to learn more about their merchants. Sign up on the Atome app to get the welcome voucher!

How to pay for purchases from Mia Maison through Atome

Follow the following steps to divide your purchase into three installments:

  • Choose Atome as your payment method on the checkout menu
  • It will lead you to the Atome website or app. Add your login credentials or sign up if you’re a new user.
  • Complete your 1st payment up front and the remaining payments across 2 months.


So, if you’re looking for scintillating home fragrances that can change the odor of your home, Mia Maison Philippines is the place to be! And don’t forget to use Atome as your payment method to obtain wonderful discounts and divide your payment into three.

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