The Best Realme Phone in the Philippines – Dare to leap!

by jiatongma

Nov 25 2022

What makes a smartphone appealing is its characteristics. These include innovative software, mobile operating systems, and internet browsing. The majority of smartphone manufacturers seek to stand out and differentiate themselves from rivals. Users look for the essential features that users look for in smartphones, as well as their privacy and data protection. Smartphones like the Realme phone are gaining wide popularity.

On May 4, 2018, Sky Li introduced the up-and-coming mobile phone brand Realme. A Realme phone never disappoints in terms of performance, and this is true of any budget-friendly smartphone Realme sells. They provide their clients with a next-level experience by employing next-generation technologies on smartphones.

Now you can get these phones at the best Realme phone price in the Philippines and awesome deals through the Atome app and the Atome Card. Download the Atome app today.

What is Atome?

The Southeast Asian BNPL phone app Atome enables users to buy now, and pay later across 8 markets including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

How to shop for Realme gaming phones with the Atome Card?

Atome has introduced the Atome Card in the Phillippines as they continue to work toward their goal of improving the pay-later shopping experience. Apply for a physical and/or virtual Atome Card today and buy now, pay up to 45 days later anywhere Mastercard is accepted—including Realme.

No paperwork is needed to apply, but these are the basic eligibility requirements:

  • You must have a valid PH ID to apply for the Atome Card.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have the Atome app installed on your phone.

How do you apply?

  • On your smartphone, open the Atome app and select “Atome Card.”
  • Pick a card type and style that resonates with you.
  • Fill up your personal data and complete the ID verification process.
  • Wait for your Atome Card application’s acceptance!

Here’s how you use your Atome Card to shop for new Realme phones

  • Activate your Atome Card.
  • To make transactions online, use your virtual Atome Card.
  • Shop offline and online using your physical Atome Card.

Shop for Realme latest phones with the Atome app

Want to split your bills into 3 equal installments instead? You may also use the Atome app to buy the Realme phone of your desire. Here’s how you can pay for your purchases at Realme’s online store.

  1. When checking out at Realme online store, select Atome as your payment method.
  2. Log in to your Atome account and pay one-third of your entire cost. The remaining two payments are made once a month and are interest-free.

To check the status of your bills, use the Atome app and navigate to the ‘Bills’ area. You even get notified when a payment cycle is over! Furthermore, the first time you download the Atome app, you will receive a free PHP200 shopping coupon.

Other benefits of Atome

  • Exclusive offers, coupons, suggested stores, and special alerts.
  • Receive a unique welcome coupon when you sign up for the first time.
  • Enable shop suggestions and promotions/flash sales to receive the greatest deals on your favorite goods.

Get the app and learn how it works!

Pay in 3 or 6 months installment! Apply For Atome Card!
Pay in 3 or 6 months installment!
Apply For Atome Card!

A guide to choosing between mobile phone brands

It’s not easy to choose a smartphone for yourself or a loved one. Sorting through the plethora of cell phones on the market is a difficult undertaking. Before heading out to buy a smartphone, reduce your options by carefully weighing all the factors that will help you make the best decision.

  1. Your budget

Decide how much money you can spend and how much you’re willing to spend first. The most crucial elements to consider are the cost and your budget.

  1. The features you need

Secondly, think about the features your phone needs to have. Make a list of the most important characteristics your smartphone must have to get started. Compare devices. Do you want the finest smartphone camera or longer battery life? Is a dual-SIM phone important to you? Will 5G change the way things are done where you live?

  1. The OS

Most major brands have their own operating system. The most notable ones are Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. However, the common Android OS is used by various companies. Greater affordable devices, more customization possibilities, and Google’s strong suite of services and apps are all included with Android. Android could be a better option for you if you currently use Google Maps, Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Assistant.

  1. Specifications

Finally, the specs. Make sure the screen is a decent size for you and has a great resolution because you’ll be staring at it for a long time.

Over the past few years, smartphone cameras have made significant advancements. The options are confusing, but keep in mind that good camera performance involves much more than just having a large number of megapixels. These days, it’s uncommon to find removable batteries, so you need a phone that can keep up with you. Depending on your choices, take storage, RAM, and durability into account.

Realme’s phone line and notable features – what makes them stand out?

The high-end, low-cost smartphone industry is being dominated by Realme. Realme is a major player in the low-cost smartphone market. The company has released over 300 phones in the previous four years, Realme 9i 5G being the latest Realme phone.

Realme is a relatively recent addition to the smartphone market, but this Chinese startup has shaken things up with a variety of distinctive and often high-specked phones at economical pricing.

Its smartphones blend premium design with user-friendly technology to provide consumers with a smartphone that exceeds all of their expectations. Realme phones are always of top quality, whether in terms of camera or processing power.

Their phones feature excellent cameras that can help you retain memories in the best way possible, and they are always evolving in the domain of Realme’s latest phones.

Realme phones also have a large internal storage capacity, ranging from 16 GB to 256 GB, ensuring that storage is never an issue. Depending on your likes and preferences, you may choose from a wide choice of Realme mobile phones based on screen size, battery capacity, resolution, primary and secondary camera, and price. Also, you can get a Realme budget phone if you’re not a fan of high-end phones.

Realme phone

The following phones are in the Realme phone list that you can choose from:

  • Realme C30: Fit-in Design. More Fun.
  • Realme C35: Stand-out 50MP. Fit-in Design.
  • Realme Gt 2 PRO: Greater Than You See.
  • Realme 9: 108MP. Capture the Spark.
  • Realme 9i: Next-level power.
  • Realme 9 Pro: Capture the light.
  • Realme 9 Pro+: Capture the light.
  • Realme GT Neo 2: Everything in NEO.
  • Realme GT Master Edition: Master Beyond Speed.
  • Realme GT 5g: Sheer Speed Flagship.
  • Realme 8 5g: 5G. Speed to Infinity.
  • Realme 8 Pro: 108MP. Capture Infinity.

The finest Realme phones are an excellent choice for anybody seeking a mid-range or low-cost smartphone. The business frequently includes beneficial functionality in its gadgets at a low cost. Realme phones typically have excellent specifications and features while being reasonably priced.

Realme GT phones

The best Realme phone from its series is the Realme GT line, which launched in 2021 and included phones such as the Realme GT 2 and Realme GT Neo 3. The GT series has the following specs:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G Processor
  • 65W SuperDart Charge: 0 to 100% in 35mins
  • 120Hz Super AMOLED Fullscreen
  • Sony 64MP Triple Camera
  • Stainless Steel Vapour Cooling: 15°C Peak Reduction of Core Temperature*
  • LPDDR5 + UFS 3.1: 12G+256G Available

Other Realme phones

Realme 9 Pro+ is the greatest mid-range phone with its color-changing design, two-day battery life, and powerful primary camera. The C35 is Realme doing what it does best: providing more than you’d expect for less than you’d expect with a crisp display and a bold design.

Realme new phone: Realme 9i’s features include:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon: 680 Processor
  • 33W: Dart Charge
  • 5000mAh: Massive Battery
  • 50MP: AI Triple Camera
  • Up to 11GB: Dynamic RAM
  • 90Hz: Ultra Smooth Display

Realme also has a numbered series of low-cost phones for those looking for a less expensive choice. One of the Realme budget phones is the Realme 9. By keeping with 4G, Realme was able to save more money for the 90Hz OLED display, good battery life, and strong cameras – all of which are excellent for the price.

Download the Atome app to stay up to date with Realme’s promos and flash discounts!


Realme phones are among the top smartphones on the market in 2022. Realme offers a wide range of phones that can help you choose the phone that is right for you and your budget. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Realme phone of your desires now, and thank us later! Also, don’t forget to use the Atome app to get ahold of some crazy-awesome deals!

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