How to Maximize Purchases with Atome Card Installment Plans

by Atome

Jun 04 2024

Savvy shopping isn’t what it used to be. Now, it’s about managing your finances in a way that maximizes how much you can buy without going beyond your budget. It’s why reports say that more Filipinos are using buy now, pay later transactions.

Out of all the emerging methods and systems you can take advantage of to get a better grip on your finances, one stands out the most: installment plans. 

These are flexible ways to pay for big-ticket expenses so you can much better manage your spending and budget. In other words, it increases your purchasing power. 

This article delves into why you shouldn’t ignore installment plans and introduces you to one of the Atome Card’s defining features: the ability to split your Card bill payment into 3 to 6-month installments.

What is an Installment Plan and How Does it Work?

An installment plan is a way to divide a single payment into multiple smaller payments over time. You’re required to make these smaller payments regularly, typically monthly, until you’ve paid the entire amount. 

Take this example: Suppose your air conditioner suddenly breaks down. The summer heat is almost unbearable but payday is still far away and air conditioners are out of your current budget. What do you do? Here is where an installment plan can save you. 

Instead of, say, paying ₱10,000 in one go for a brand new air conditioner, you can split the payment into multiple, smaller payments, depending on what the store or your financial provider can accommodate. 

How Atome’s Flexible Installment Plans Work

Atome does this but for your Atome Card bill. Instead of paying off the entire bill on its due date—which can disrupt your budget if it’s an expensive bill—you can split the payment into a 3-month or 6-month installment plan. That way, it’s much easier to manage your monthly dues. 

The first installment is paid at the point of purchase, followed by the remaining two, which are due 30 days apart. This setup is interest-free, with no hidden charges, ensuring transparency and affordability.

By understanding these aspects of Atome’s installment plans, you’re better equipped to manage your finances effectively while enjoying the freedom to own your aspirations without upfront financial burden.

Benefits of Using Atome’s Installment Plans

1. Offers interest-free installments

Installment plans typically come with interest, leading you to pay more than the original price of the item. You can think of the interest as the cost for the convenience of an installment plan. Interest is often what gets people into stressful financial situations because they don’t realize how much more they’re spending while making the same purchase. 

With Atome, you can avoid all of that hassle. Your Atome Card gives you the benefit of 0% interest on your monthly purchases for 40 days. That means you’ll only pay for however much your bill was. Nothing more. 

2. Improves your financial flexibility

Atome’s installment plans not only ease the burden of lump-sum payments but also enhance your financial flexibility. By allowing you to split your card bill payments over three to six months, Atome helps you align your spending with your cash flow. 

This flexibility is particularly beneficial in managing unexpected expenses or balancing your budget with compromising on paying for needs or wants.

3. Unlocks access to premium products 

With the Atome Card, you gain access to a wide range of premium products both locally and overseas, as it is accepted anywhere Mastercard is used. Whether you’re shopping online, in-store, or abroad, you can take advantage of Atome Card’s installment plans to acquire high-quality products without the upfront financial burden. 

This accessibility makes it easier for you to upgrade your lifestyle by investing in high-value items like electronics, fashion, or even home decor, which might otherwise be out of reach due to their cost.

4. Allows you to enjoy promotions and discounts

Taking advantage of the latest Atome Card promos is a savvy way to enhance your savings without compromising on quality. Many popular brands offer seasonal promotions, including discounts or reward points on holidays or special occasions, which can be a great opportunity to earn extra savings or rewards when using your Atome Card. 

Boost Your Spending Power with Atome Card Installment Plans 

Being a smart and savvy shopper involves sticking to your budget. But with prices rising, that can be a lot easier said than done. It’s why Atome Card empowers you to take advantage of the benefits of installment plans. By splitting your Atome Card bill into 3 or 6 months, you won’t have to spend so much upfront, allowing you to better manage your finances. 

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