Giordano Philippines | The top apparel brand for trendy fashion

by Starry

May 24 2022

Giordano Philippines is one of the leading apparel brands globally and has a fair value in the fashion market. Starting from a Giordano t-shirt and progressing to designer jackets, the company has made its name among the top retailers in the world.

What is Giordano?

With numerous occasions to don the best looks and style up, we are all in need of trendy and reliable clothing options. It is a common requirement of all humans to find reliable, affordable, and quality shopping platforms that can help them look good. Moreover, the trends for carrying accessories have taken momentum. Hence, accessories are demanded more than ever by both men and women.

Giordano garments and accessories prove to be the perfect styling partner for people with various fashion senses. The quality of Giordano Philippines lies in its quality clothing that consists of trendy new designs and qualitatively superior garment materials. When we talk about the various accessories of Giordano Philippines, it doesn’t go about saying that they ensure the utmost quality coupled with an exuberant fashion sense. Supplements are designed to exude a fashionista vibe, and that’s what the accessories at Giordano do, even if they’re designed articles.

Top Giordano outlets in the Philippines

Giordano has established its reputation as one of the leading apparel brands across the Philippines. Their constant determination and devotion to providing quality products at affordable prices have only been due to their continuous determination and dedication. Giordano has made it their goal to offer economical items to make fashion accessible. Due to this, there has been an increased demand for the brand.

Giordano now boasts 40 outlets across the Philippines to fill this demand. The brand has brilliantly set up and furnished outlets across Malaysia. However, the outlet in Makati in Metro Manila is one of the busiest Giordano and generates a wholesome revenue.

Hot product collection

Giordano Philippines offers various products to consumers at affordable prices while ensuring top-notch quality.

There are so many famous accessories such as Giordano watches, Giordano eyeglasses, Giordano belts, etc., which were bought by consumers due to their proven durability and creative designs. Giordano polo shirts, Giordano classic T-shirts, Giordano pants, Giordano shorts, Giordano jackets, Giordano sweaters, and other garments are well-known due to the brilliant experiences people have had with them.

This vast and thoughtful collection of accessories and apparel at Giordano shop enhances its demand as it makes fashion accessible.

Giordano Philippines

Giordano Online Store: ZALORA

Giordano uses ZALORA as its official online platform. The products of Giordano are put out at ZALORA for sale. ZALORA is Asia’s most significant marketplace due to its far-reaching access and great credibility. Due to their outstanding credibility, brands like Adidas, Apollo, Disney, etc., among many others, collaborated with them. ZALORA, due to its significant outreach, enjoys more than 50 million visitors per month. It also hosts more than 3000 brands on its platform, making it one of Asia’s biggest online shopping destinations.

ZALORA is dedicated to making shopping experiences more accessible and more straightforward as it keeps on introducing updates that simplify shopping on the platform. ZALORA operates on the fundamentals of inclusivity in shopping. It is also part of the Global Fashion Group, which operates in 27 countries. Therefore, Giordano’s partnership with ZALORA has reaped positive rewards for the brand. Want ZALORA shoes or a ZALORA dress to reshape your daily wear? Explore more!

About Atome

Atome is a leading buy now pay later brand in Asia. Atome, launched in December 2019, is pronounced “A-To-Me” and stands for “Available to Me.”. They have over 15,000 major online and offline merchants in fashion, beauty, leisure, fitness, and homeware among our partners, which are easy to explore and buy from the websites.

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Pay in 3 or 6 months installment!
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Atome believes in enabling customers to pay for goods and services over time. We allow our customers to own their hobbies in their own time by offering flexible interest-free payments, personalized controls, and a dedication to developing best-in-class features on their website and our app.

Giordano in collaboration with Atome

Giordano Philippines is one of the top-rated apparel brands for men and women worldwide. They collaborate with Atome to make their brand more accessible to their customers. Use Atome at Giordano PH to get unique discounts on Giordano products and services. You can get wonderful discounts on your favorite Giordano apparel products.

Simply scan Giordano’s in-store QR code or pay using the Atome App at checkout. All Atome app users will be eligible for a welcome coupon worth up to PHP200 off their first purchase if they spend at least PHP500.

About Giordano

Giordano, founded in 1981, is one of the most well-known and established fashion retailers in the Asia Pacific area, running over 2,100 stores in over 30 countries and regions globally. Giordano epitomizes today’s modern lifestyle choices: simplicity in design and substance.

Their absolute dedication to top service, exceptional quality, and value has allowed the firm to effectively expand the brands Giordano, Giordano Ladies, Giordano Junior, BSX, and Beau Monde. Giordano’s essence is to give current, vital, and timeless fashion for everybody; and to design garments for everyone, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or culture, genuinely exemplifying our brand value “World Without Strangers.”

Giordano Philippines specializes in providing quality products at affordable rates to make fashion more accessible to everyone. At Giordano, customers can find a wide array of outfit choices and stylish accessories that are bound to lift their style game. Therefore, Giordano has played an important role in redefining affordable fashion.

How to use the Atome app at Giordano Philippines offline store and ZALORA Philippines online store

  1. Choose Atome as your payment option at the checkout process
  2. Input your login information and proceed with payment if you have an Atome account.
  3. If you are new to Atome, you will be prompted to create an account before checking out with Giordano. The procedure is quick and easy, and you will obtain permission within minutes.
  4. Pay one-third of the total of your order as the first payment. Orders ship after you checkout, and you will get the things and make the remaining two payments with no interest.

You can follow the same procedure on the ZALORA Philippines online store to place your order through Atome.

Why Giordano Philippines is a top choice for apparel

The brand is seen to keep up with the fashion trends and launch advanced designs so you can catch up with the fashion trends easily. Giordano has remained a best-selling choice throughout the world for its tremendous styles and collections. Whether it Is about colors, design, quality, or features, your preference will surely be fulfilled at Giordano. Giordano offers brilliant customer experiences through its up-to-date retail.

Giordano offers quality outfits like skirts, party dresses, t-shirts, jeans, etc. for women who are bound to define their style statements. Similarly, Giordano is equally compensating for men with trendy outfits like casual t-shirts, dress shirts, suits, and jeans. They also provide stylish accessories like belts, earrings, sunglasses, etc. Therefore, if you’re looking for comprehensive customer experiences to rock the world of fashion then Giordano is the place for you to be!

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