The Ultimate Guide to Atome+ (Atome Plus) 

by Atome

Apr 12 2024

Atome Card already offers you countless benefits, such as giving you the ability to split your Atome Card bill into 3 or 6 installments and 0% interest on your monthly purchases. But did you know you can unlock even more perks with your Atome Card? 

Atome+ (pronounced “Atome Plus”) is an exclusive rewards program that enhances your shopping experience with your Atome Card. This article provides essential information about Atome+ Points, how they work, how you can earn them, and where you can redeem them.

What is Atome Plus?

Atome Plus is Atome’s loyalty program offering exclusive discounts and benefits through Atome+ Points. You can use the points you earn to redeem exclusive vouchers at your favorite stores and join campaigns for a chance to win exciting prizes.

How Do You Earn Atome+ Points?

There are a few ways for you to earn your Atome+ points.

1. Complete your Atome Card registration

Once you’ve completed and submitted your Atome Card application, you’ll have an exciting incentive for registering your card: Atome+ Points as a new user. When you finish registering your Atome Card, you already earn Atome+ Points which you can use for the in-app Spin & Win game.

2. Refer your friends

The Member Get Member program is one of the fastest ways to earn a huge amount of points.

How many Atome+ Points do you earn when someone successfully applies for an Atome Card? When you successfully refer two of your friends, you can earn 500 Atome+ Points; but when you refer five, you’ll receive 2,500 Atome+ Points in return. 

To receive the Atome+ Points through Atome Plus, you’ll need to send people your referral link. Navigate to the Me tab in the app and tap “Refer Atome Card.” You’ll find a button to generate your unique referral link which you can easily send to your friends and family.

3. Join campaigns and giveaways

Atome regularly runs campaigns and giveaways to offer you exciting prizes. One of the most sought-after rewards during these periods is Atome+ Points. Participating in these limited-time promotions is an excellent strategy for increasing the amount of Atome+ Points you have. 

How do you stay updated on the latest campaigns and giveaways? Enabling notifications on your Atome app is an easy way to learn about new opportunities to earn Atome+ Points quickly. Besides that, you can also discover the latest from Atome by following the official Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

What are the Benefits of Atome+ Points?

Atome+ Points are more than just a currency you accumulate through your referrals or campaign participation. Take a look at some of the perks of earning Atome+ Points. 

Get the chance to win exciting prizes

You can use the Atome+ Points to join the Spin & Win mini-game on the Atome app. For only 3 Atome+ Points, you can spin the wheel and get the chance to win special prizes, such as additional Atome+ Points or even a brand-new iPhone.

Earn exclusive vouchers & discounts

Shopping for new, aesthetic outfits and exploring new dining spots are some of the best ways you can use your Atome Card. You can be a smarter shopper thanks to your Atome+ Points.

Navigate to the Rewards Center on your Atome app and you’ll see all the vouchers you can redeem using your Atome+ Points. Look through them to see which spots you can take your Atome Card next. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Atome Plus

Who is eligible to earn Atome+ Points?

Every registered Atome user is eligible to earn Atome+ Points. That means you can start collecting points as soon as your Atome Card application is approved.

When will my Atome+ Points expire?

Your Atome+ Points have a 12-month validity from the date you receive them. How do you know whether its expiration date is nearing? Simply navigate to the Me tab on the Atome app and you’ll quickly see your Atome+ Points’ details, from the amount you have to when it’ll expire. 

More Points, More Perks with Atome Plus

Just when you think that your Atome Card already offers incredible convenience, Atome+ is there to elevate your shopping experience. Atome+ Points unlock a world of exciting prizes and discounts that make your Atome Card your go-to card for cashless transactions

You can use the points you’ve earned from campaigns or referrals to redeem numerous vouchers from your favorite brands and make shopping easier. If you’re feeling lucky, spend 3 Atome+ Points on the Spin the Wheel mini-game for a chance to win a brand-new iPhone 15. 

It’s an exciting program you definitely shouldn’t forget whenever you’re using your Atome Card, whether it’s for travel or everyday expenses. 

If you haven’t gotten your Atome Card yet, signing up for one only takes 90 seconds! Just scan the QR code to download the app and apply for the card today!

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