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by jiatongma

Nov 03 2022

A global chain of shoe and accessory stores is owned and run by the Canadian multinational corporate retailer known simply as ALDO. Purchase your favorite ALDO bags by visiting the shop closest to you! Look at ALDO’s range of ALDO crossbody bags, ALDO men’s bags, ALDO lady’s bags now, and more now!

Get to know ALDO

The creator of ALDO was a shoemaker’s grandchild and a shoe dealer’s child. He specialized in much more than making and selling shoes. The first ALDO standalone store opened its doors in Montreal, the city he had fallen in love with, in 1978. His namesake shoe brand began its existence on six feet of retail chain shelf space in 1972. Since then, he has been driven to establish a novel form of company. The foundation of ALDO’s brand is love, honesty, and respect. ALDO is the first fashion statement and footwear company worldwide to receive this certification. They support and motivate one another to contribute freely to others because they are firmly established in their foundation and empowered by associates.

How do I protect my shoes?

The key to making sure your shoes last for all of your future events is to protect them. ALDO offers a wide selection of shoe care items, including waterproof sprays, cleaning wipes, and leather and suede polishing treatments. Your shoe’s substance will determine the best product for you. Bring your footwear to the closest ALDO shop for a highly individualized recommendation when you’d like some professional assistance on which cleaning product to use.

What kind of leather does ALDO use?

They differentiate distinct sorts of leather for each occasion using various skins, tanning processes, and treatments. Don’t hesitate to speak with ALDO if you want more details on a specific design; they will find out all the facts you need. In terms of quality, ALDO bags are the finest!

How can I locate styles available in my size?

You may browse a certain product category while applying filters based on size, color, and cost. By selecting the “Check in-store availability” link on the product information page, you can determine whether a particular retailer offers a product. We advise calling the store ahead of time to confirm that a style is still available if it appears available at a nearby ALDO location but is low in stock.

Do all styles come in half sizes?

Not every style comes in half sizes. They have introduced the following sizes in response to the demands of most of our customers: for women, 6.5, 7.5, and 8.5; for males, 9.5 and 10.5; Sizes may differ depending on the style and kind of footwear. Jellies, slippers, and rain boots are the only exceptions.

What kind of materials is used in ALDO’s products?

Their shoes and accessories are made from a wide range of materials. ALDO bags never let you down! On each style’s unique product page, there is information on the material that was utilized to create it.

How do I keep my gold-plated jewelry looking like new?

Follow these straightforward guidelines to lessen the inevitable wear of gold-plated and platinum jewelry:

  • Seal and keep these objects away from other metals in a sealed plastic shopping bag.
  • Keep this jewelry out of damp areas like the restroom.
  • Make sure your jewelry is kept dry.
  • Avoid coming into touch with water, body creams, lotions, or perfume.

Does ALDO’s eyewear offer UV defense?

The UV protection offered by ALDO sunglasses lenses ranges from strong to poor.

What components makeup ALDO’s shoe care products?

They offer a variety of cleaning shoe care supplies available at the store.

What types of ALDO bags can you choose?

Visit the ALDO website or pick from your favorite ALDO men’s and women’s bags from the selection below. Due to their ongoing sale, you must also check the ALDO sling bag price in the Philippines!

ALDO tote bag- Legoirii

This ALDO tote bag is made for the contemporary lady on the go and is large enough to accommodate all of your travel necessities. There are several pockets throughout the roomy inside the main compartment for all your tech equipment. Gold hardware on top adds a touch of grandeur. Add a shoulder strap to its adjustable design for a hand-free carrying alternative. These are the coolest ALDO bags available!

ALDO laptop bag- Coqui

Is there anything chicer than this? The luxuriously textured back of this stud-embellished handbag exudes serious glam vibes. This ALDO laptop bag has various interior pockets, a zipper closing, and a Rhinestone accent.

ALDO cross body bags – Iconistrope

The numerous pockets, adorable bag, chain detail, and fashionable silhouette…There are many wonderful things about this functional (and fashionable) purse! Features a non-removable shoulder strap, an interior compartment, an exterior front zip pocket, and a zippered closing. You really must add this ALDO bag to your collection!

ALDO mini bags- Grydith

Thanks to its thin chain strap, this svelte wallet is a cross-body purse and a simple wallet. The ideal tiny hands-free item to wear on occasions when you only need your wallet!

ALDO duffle bag – Tylan

This lovely duffle bag, which features lots of storage space, a useful baggage tag, and a beautiful rose pattern, will let you travel in style. A zipper clasp, a luggage tag, inside pockets, and a detachable, adjustable cross-body strap are all included with this ALDO duffel bag.

Shop for ALDO bags with Atome Card

How to shop ALDO bags online and in-store with Atome Card

You may easily make purchases anywhere by using the Atome Card. The card offers quick acceptance and has no additional fees. The Atome virtual card can be used to buy from online stores whereas the physical Atome Card can be used at both offline and online stores.

Use of the Atome Card:

  • Both physical and online Mastercard merchants will accept Atome cards.
  • Receive a PHP 200,000 credit limit without needing a minimum income criterion.
  • Quick approval upon signing up, taking no longer than 90 seconds.

How to shop for ALDO bags with the Atome app

Customers can use Atome to divide the cost of their purchases into three zero-interest monthly installments rather than paying for them all at once. To do this, scan the QR code on a shelf in the store of a partner merchant or during the online checkout process.

You might PHP 200 off your first ALDO bag purchase by downloading the app right away!

Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

The following is how Atome functions:

  1. Select Atome as your payment method, and then scan the QR code at the vendor’s storefront.
  2. Create an Atome account and log in. You must create an account if you have never used Atome before.
  3. Pay just one-third of the sum; the balance may be paid in interest-free payments.

Get the Atome app to get exclusive vouchers on your favorite ALDO bags purchase!

The best way to prepare for your events, lunches, dinners, and meet-up with friends is to go to ALDO bags online or in-store to get the best bags! Now you can use Atome to buy yourself the perfect ALDO bags! This way, you can save money and also update your bag shelf.

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