Safety Tips for Using Atome Card in the Philippines

by dianezreyes

Oct 13 2023

The buy now, pay later trend is booming in the Philippines and Atome Card is quickly becoming a favorite choice for Filipinos who value convenience and flexibility in their online shopping experiences. This credit-style payment solution allows users to shop now and pay later or even opt for shopping in installments. As with any transaction, especially with credit and installment-based methods, ensuring safety is paramount.

Here are some tailored safety tips for those looking to make the most of their Atome Card:

  1. Guard Your Card Details: Keep your Atome Card number, CVV, and expiration date confidential. When indulging in online shopping, ensure you’re on official platforms that support card payment methods.
  2. Secure Internet Connections are Key: Especially when making pay later transactions or choosing the installment option online, ensure you’re on a safe and secure private Wi-Fi network.
  3. Monitor All Transactions: Regularly check your transaction history. This includes both your shopping and bill settlements. Alert the Atome Card team via immediately if you spot any unfamiliar activities.
  4. Securing Your Account with Strong PINs: It’s essential to have a robust and unique PIN for your Atome Card. Avoid using easily guessable combinations like “1234” or your birth year. Regularly updating your PIN can deter unauthorized access.
  5. Enable Transaction Notifications: Instant notifications can be a lifesaver for every transaction. Activate Atome Card’s in-app or email alerts that can help you keep track of your transaction history.
  6. Update Your Information: Make sure your contact information in the Atome mobile app is up-to-date to receive timely notifications for your pay later account.
  7. Stay Clear of Phishing Scams: Be wary of emails offering too-good-to-be-true deals or asking for Atome Card details. Always navigate or turn to Atome’s official sites and social media pages to check on the latest deals.
  8. Physical Card Safety: Store your Atome Card securely when not making any transactions or online shopping at your favorite stores. If it’s your first time to transact in any store, it’s best to check if it’s an official website or a legitimate person-to-person bargain. Avoid having other people shop and pay later for you.
  9. Updated Software is Crucial: For the best shopping in installments experience, keep your Atome mobile app updated. Software updates not only pose added features, but more often than not, new versions provide enhanced security.
  10. Stay Educated: With the rise of buy now, pay later and credit shopping, scams are also on the increase. Be aware of the latest tricks and stay one step ahead.

In conclusion, Atome Card offers immense convenience for Filipinos, from “buy now, pay later” shopping sprees to hassle-free bill settlements. However, as we enjoy these digital perks, safety must always be at the forefront. Be vigilant and prioritize your security during every transaction.

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